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Summer Clash adalah pertandingan musiman yang diadakan selama bulan Juli hingga September setiap tahun mulai dari 2018

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June 1st: June Update!

- Summer is finally here! Get your cool shades on and tanning oil ready, because it's time to celebrate the season with our hot-hot June Update! Pineapple Party has rolled up! Splice the unsplicable, grow pineapples and eat them! Can't eat more? Don't worry - there will always be someone to throw another one at you! New seasonal events have landed with our first four-month extravaganza: Summer Clash! Help out GrowTech during their weekly anomaly hunts, earn seasonal tokens to unlock rewards, and work with your guild for even more prizes! Go your own way with our milestone prizes or battle it out for leaderboard fame!

- Multiple rewards trees are available, and you’ll have to participate in events as much as you can over the four months of the Summer Season in order to unlock all the prizes! Note that the ultimate reward of the season will not be tradeable, but do not worry - it'll be something quite unique!

- Item of the Month: Ever wondered what it's like to be in someone else's shoes? What about... a DINOSAUR'S?

- Make sure to share your best pineapple moments with us and don't forget to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to take part in giveaways and stay tuned for more cool content!

- Scan a little longer! Because we revised the GrowScan 9000's functionality to make it closer to its original intent, we've decided to leave it in the store for TWO more days to allow any of you who were hoping for that feature to get it. We didn't think it would be fair to make it better right after it cycled out of the store, so now's your LAST CHANCE to get one!

-The Growtopia Team

Memulai era Clash Series 1,Summer Clash 2018 adalah Summer Clash di Growtopia.

Penambahan Baru

Berikut adalah hal hal yang baru saat update:

Anomalizing Tools

Anomalizing Reliable Tools (then Anomalizing Delicate Tools)

Anomalizing Reliable Bone Saw · Anomalizing Reliable Hammer · Anomalizing Reliable Scythe · Anomalizing Reliable Trowel · Reliable Anomarod

Anomalizing Pristine Tools

Anomalizing Pristine Bone Saw · Anomalizing Pristine Hammer · Anomalizing Pristine Scythe · Anomalizing Pristine Trowel · Pristine Anomarod

Exquisite Tools (then Anomalizing Exquisite Tools)

Exquisite Bone Saw · Exquisite Hammer · Exquisite Scythe · Exquisite Trowel · Exquisite Anomarod

Summer Awards

Summer Student's Reward (#5 Personal)

Drafting Table · Loaded Bookshelf · Overstuffed Vintage Leather Armchair

Summer Trainer's Reward (#10 Personal)

Anatomical Diagrams · Architectural Diagrams · Biological Diagram - Fauna · Botanical Diagram - Flora · Growmoji Peace Sign · SearBot - Level 1

Summer Contender's Reward (#15 Personal)

Architect's Beard · Architect's Beret · Architect's Compass · Architect's Robes · Extract-O-Snap

Summer Master's Reward (#20 Personal)

Growmoji Trollface · Holographic Mannequin · Surgical Tool Bag

Summer Champion's Reward (#25 Personal)

Bear Spirit · Flaming Aura · Intergalactic Warrior Hair · Rainbow Hair · World Architect

Summer Squire's Reward (#5 Guild)

Castle Moat · Castle Stone · Castle Stone Background · Tunic - Royal Blue

Summer Knight's Reward (#10 Guild)

Banquet Dining Chair · Castle Door · Castle Turret

Summer Noble's Reward (#15 Guild)

Banquet Table · Castle Chandelier · Growmoji Terrified Face · Iron Torch · Royal Canopy Bed

Summer King's Reward (#20 Guild)

Castle Sewage Pipe · Gibbet · Guild Steed · Suit of Armor · Throne

Summer Emperor's Reward (#25 Guild)

Bear Spirit · Flaming Aura · Guild Night Stallion · Intergalactic Warrior Hair · Rainbow Hair

Unknown Reward

Royal Gilt Bathtub · Tunic - Royal Green · Tunic - Royal Red

Summer Clash Rewards Store

Cabang 1

Summer Blaster Shirt · Deathtrap Wall · Ultra Summer Blaster Shirt · Amulet of Force · Glove of the Giants

Cabang 2

Summer Blaster Pants · Dimension Block · Ultra Summer Blaster Pants · Extractor Dynamo · Aurora Wings

Cabang 3

Summer Blaster Glasses · Mirage Platform · Ultra Summer Blaster Glasses · Dancemaster's Crown · Smoog the Great Dragon

Cabang 4

Summer Blaster Mohawk · Gravity Well · Ultra Summer Blaster Mohawk · Squirrel King · Scepter of the Honor Guard

Branch 5

Raw Gauntlet of Elements Earth Stone · Wind Stone · Fire Stone · Death Stone · Water Stone · Life Stone

Summer Event Medals


Summer Event Guild Medal: Gold · Summer Event Guild Medal: Silver · Summer Event Guild Medal: Bronze


Summer Event Player Medal: Gold · Summer Event Player Medal: Silver · Summer Event Player Medal: Bronze

Dan lain lain

Item yang tidak termasuk dalam kategori lain.

Bronze Architect Chest · Dumb Checkmark · Dumb Question 1 · Dumb Question 2 · Dumb Question 3 · Exquisite Gauntlet of Elements · Gauntlet of Elements - Tier I · Gauntlet of Elements - Tier II · Gauntlet of Elements - Tier III · Gauntlet of Elements - Tier IV · Gauntlet of Elements - Tier V · Gold Architect Chest · SearBot - Level 2 · SearBot - Level 3 · Silver Architect Chest · SearBot - Level 4 · Storage Box Xtreme - Level 2 · Storage Box Xtreme - Level 3 · Summer Token · Weather Machine - Guild

Perubahan Baru


  • Summer Clash 2018 merupakan Seaone clash pertama di Growtopia.

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News banner25jul19.png

July 18th: Not an agricultural addict? Never fear: CLASH is here! Redesigned to cut the grind and amp the fun, Summer Clash is back and its first weekend starts NOW! Go go go! The next event won't be until August!

- The Growtopia Team

‎Mengawali era Clash Series 2, ‎‎Summer Clash 2019‎‎ merupakan Bentrokan Summer_Clash kedua‎‎ di ‎‎Growtopia.‎‎

Item Baru

Berikut adalah item barunya:

Finale Claims

Finale Claim 1 · Finale Claim 2 · Finale Claim 3 · Finale Claim 4 · Finale Claim 5 · Finale Claim 6 · Finale Claim 7 · Finale Claim 8 · Finale Claim 9

Hadiah Summer Clash Store

Legendary Clash Key - Series 2 · Summer Clash Finale Ticket

Item lainnya

Item yang tidak termasuk dalam kategori lain.

Legendary Clash Key & Finale Ticket

Perubahan Terbaru

Perubahan baru yang diterapkan termasuk:


  • Bentrokan Summer Clash 2019 adalah pertandingan musiman keempat yang diadakan di Growtopia.