Alien Mind Protector

Alien in your brain! Alien in your brain! Thankfully, this is one of the few times that's actually a good thing, because you're fortunate enough to have a Mind Protector along for the ride! This clever controller will keep your gray matter safe from those who might try to mess with your thoughts!


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Clothes
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Clothing Type Hair
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 3 Style 6
Seed Style Style 3 Style 6
Color #3CB878 #F49AC1
By completing a Star Voyage in the
  • Galactic Nexus
From the Sales-Man (Call 53785)

ItemSprites.png From the Sales-Man

ItemSprites.png Buckazoid x600

Alien Mind Protector is an unsplicable hair item which was added in the Startopia Update.


An Alien Mind Protector functions similarly to a Foil Hat, where, when equipped, the player will be resistant to Mind Ghosts.