Anubis Mask

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32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Anubis Mask

The face of an AncieNt goD, forgottEn beneath tRackless desert sands, has fallEn into youR hands! Imagine what the eyes behind this strange mask Once saw...
This item never drops any seeds.
Type32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Hat - Clothes
Texture Type32?fill=cb-20190918130753 Single
Collision Type32?fill=cb-20210825035341 Full Collision
Hardness32?fill=cb-20211201110151 0 Hits
32?fill=cb-20211201110151 0 Hits
Restores after 0s of inactivity.
Seed Color16?fill=cb-20211201110210
Grow Time32?fill=cb-20211201110211 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems Drop32?fill=cb-20211201110151 N/A
32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Crimefighting Reward
Defeat 32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Ms. Terry in crimefighting.
May give 1 item each time.

The Anubis Mask is an unsplicable hat item that was added as part of Time-Tossed! update.


When worn with Anubis Seal, Anubis Mail, Anubis Greaves and Anubis Mask while entering an active Sungate which target leads to (DUAT:three letters the player obtained on the first riddle) with a Sandstone and Solar Collector on top of the Sungate to receive the Spirit of Anubis.

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