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{{Item|Apron|0|Kiss the chef.}}
{{Item|Apron|0|Kiss the chef.}}{{RecipeSplice|Stove|Checker Wallpaper}}[[Apron]] is a splicable shirt clothing item.
{{RecipeSplice|Stove|Checker Wallpaper}}
Apron is a part of the chef set, which also includes [[Spatula]] and the [[Chef Hat]].

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ItemSprites.png Apron (Rarity: 82)

This item never drops any seeds.
TypeItemSprites.png Shirt - Clothes
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Single
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png Full Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 0 Hits
ItemSprites.png 0 Hits
Restores after 0s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 6d 9h 50m 28s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png 0 - 21
TreeSprites.png Splicing
The tree of this item can be made by mixing the following seeds:
SeedSprites.png Stove Seed
SeedSprites.png Checker Wallpaper Seed
Apron is a splicable shirt clothing item.
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