ItemSprites.png Aqua Cave Crystal (Rarity: 10)

These crystals grow naturally in caves. They don't actually glow - bioluminescent organisms feed on them and emit light. Also heat - be careful!
TypeItemSprites.png Pain Block (Lava) - Foreground
ChiItemSprites.png Water
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Attach to wall (4 Sprites)
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png Full Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 6 Hits
ItemSprites.png 5 Hits
Restores after 8s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 21m 40s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png 0 - 2
Paint Preview
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Red
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Yellow
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Green
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Aqua
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Blue
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Purple
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Charcoal
Produced by
Produced by

The Aqua Cave Crystal is an unsplicable solid lava pain foreground block which was added as part of the Spelunkorama! update.



An Aqua Cave Crystal has a chance to be caught from fishing in a Water on a nuclear-detonated Uranium Block.

Natural generation

Several Aqua Cave Crystal can be found in cave-blasted worlds.

Winterfest Calendar

5 Aqua Cave Crystal can be dropped from harvesting a Winterfest Calendar from 2017 and onward.


Combusting Ingredient

A stack of Aqua Cave Crystal can be combusted in a Highly Combustible Box to make Purple Cave Crystal.


An Aqua Cave Crystal emits light in dark areas.

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