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The Balloon Warz is an annual event that happens in early December.

As of Brr-lloon Warz 2020, the Balloon Warz is held for 3 days. During this event, three randomly-assigned teams: Punch, Build, and Grow compete against each other in a Championship League of 9 rounds, each lasting for 6 hours over the entire event. Scoring the most hits in a round will reward that team with 4 Balloon Warz League Points. However, reaching the second place grants only 2 Balloon Warz League Points, while reaching the third one grants 1 Balloon Warz League Point. The team with the most points at the end will win the League.

Each team enters a Power Play phase during a predetermined round everyday. During this round, all hits are granted extra points. A same amount of Power Plays are given for each team and get spread across different rounds everytime. A 2-hour preparation break takes place between each round. During this period, players are able to stock up on Balloon-Frosting War Gloves, gather war balloons, and take advantage of the Ultra Balloon Warz Fight Pack, which is only available during the break.

The point system used in this event is:

A war balloon must be thrown towards a player from a different team or a Balloon Target for one to receive point(s). Getting hit by a war balloon will drench oneself, thus forcing one to reach a Towel Rack Checkpoint before being able to throw war balloons again. It will also stain the player with the other team's color, preventing them from being hit by balloons for a short period.