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July 15th: OH NO! GROWTOPIA IS HAUNTED! Uninvited spectral inhabitants have invaded the most decrepit and unused worlds! Calling all B.O.O. (Battlers Of the Otherworldly) members for help. Team-work is key in capturing these spooky spirits. Good luck.

-@Seth and @Hamumu

Battlers Of the Otherworldly was an update released on July 15, 2016. It came out on the same day as the film Ghostbusters (2016) came out.

The update introducted the B.O.O. Training Pack:
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Purchase the B.O.O Training Pack for 10000ItemSprites.png in the Growtopia Store.
"It looks like Growtopia is under siege by the ghosts! Well, Battlers of the Otherworldly are hiring! You'll have to earn your uniform, but this pack includes all the tools you need to actually capture ghosts! You also get Rare Spectral Goggles (all the better to see them with!), a Neutron Gun and a Neutron Pack to corral the ghosts, and a set of 10 Ghosts Jars to catch them in."

This pack includes:

The new items which were added to this update were:

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