ItemSprites.png Growtopia Gazette

June 12th: BLOCK PARTY! Today we bring an assortment of odds and ends that will let you build cooler worlds. Air ducts for your horror world? Check.

-@Seth and @Hamumu

The Block Party was introduced on the 12th of June, 2015, introducing a wide range of new blocks.


Items Recipe
ItemSprites.png Penguin Leash Rare drop from smashing Ice.
ItemSprites.png Air Duct Splicing Dark Grey Block Seed + Grey Block Seed
ItemSprites.png Air Vent Splicing Window Seed + Air Duct Seed.
ItemSprites.png Air Conditioner Splicing Air Vent Seed + Solar Panel Seed
ItemSprites.png Green Stuff Common drop from a Geiger Counter
ItemSprites.png Blue Stuff
ItemSprites.png Leaf Block Splicing Pastel Green Flower Block Seed + Foliage Seed
ItemSprites.png Mission Block Common drop from smashing Wood Block.
ItemSprites.png Texas Limestone Splicing Stone Wall Seed + Cliffside Seed
ItemSprites.png Sapphire Block ItemSprites.png + ItemSprites.png + ItemSprites.png + ItemSprites.png + ItemSprites.png
ItemSprites.png Well Found in the Well, Well, Well Special Event.
ItemSprites.png Viney Block Splicing Grass Seed + Dark Green Block Seed
ItemSprites.png Viney Wallpaper Splicing Grass Seed + Dark Aqua Block Seed
ItemSprites.png Number Block 0-9 Splicing Pastel Blue Block Seed + Exclamation Sign Seed
ItemSprites.png Number 0-9 Splicing Deep Rock Seed + Blue Glass Block Seed
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