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April 1st: April Update!

Dear Growtopians,

We fool you not, we really have a lot in store for everyone in the awesome month of April!

- Let's start off with the new Item of the Month: Hellfire Horns! They allow you to shoot colored flamed and look wickedly wonderful!

- We've unlocked the 3rd branch of prizes in Spring Clash! More cool rewards await! Gotta unlock them all!

- The all-new Community Hub has been added, featuring tons of content made by the Community, Creators and the Growtopia Team! It's your one-stop shop for community engagement!

- New item for chosen content creators: the Awesome-O-Matic! More details in our latest video!

- Block Party 2 is HERE! Tons of new building blocks have been added, there's an awesome new provider in the store that generates random-tastic blocks, and we've rebalanced LOTS of block drops to help you builders out!

- Rather than make changes to the Royal Lock, now by being a supporter, you can unlock a feature called Billboard. This is a new way for you to display your trade sales without cluttering the chat.

- This month's Subscriber Item is the oh-so-adorbs Mah-Kah-Ron-Hat - designed by EloraFaline!

- A must-have Growmoji has been added to the monthly Bundle: the Grin!

- The Growtopia Team

Block Party 2 is an update which was released on 1 April 2019.

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