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"Punch me!"
This is an NPC, or a non-player character.
Buddy is the official mascot of Growtopia. Buddy can be seen on Growtopia's app logo. He is also present in the item Hero Portrait - Buddy.


  • In Seth's AMA thread, he said that the reason Buddy wears Green Shirt, Jeans, Brown Shoes, and Red Hair is because they are part of the first clothes to be added in Growtopia on the day of its release date, January 11.
  • Before the release of Hero Portrait - Buddy, he didn't have an official name and was recognized as "Growtopia's mascot" only.
  • The Mini Growtopian is a pet item that looks and has the same clothes as Buddy.


Growtopia afişi

Buddy can be seen at the middle of Growtopia's poster.

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