ItemSprites.png Building Blocks Machine

Eager to add some new building materials to your construction stockpile? Tired of collecting items from random worlds and weridos? Well, pop this beauty into your world and it'll start cranking out awesome blocks in no time! Careful, though - blocks don't just come from nothing, and this machine will eventually run out of power once it makes a bunch! WARNING! DO NOT BREAK! The Building Blocks Machine will NOT return to your backpack once broken!
This item never drops any seeds.
This item can only be used in World-Locked worlds.
TypeItemSprites.png Provider - Foreground
ChiItemSprites.png Earth
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Single
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png No Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 15 Hits
ItemSprites.png 12 Hits
Restores after 5s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png N/A
Paint Preview
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Red
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Yellow
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Green
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Aqua
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Blue
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Purple
ItemSprites.pngItemSprites.png Charcoal
ItemSprites.png Growtopia Store
Purchase the Building Blocks Machine for 8,000ItemSprites.png in the Growtopia Store.
"Eager to add some new building materials to your construction stockpile? Tired of collecting them from random worlds and weirdos? Well, pop this beauty in your world and it'll start cranking out awesome blocks in no time! Contains the RARE Creepy Baby Block and Digital Dirt amongst a heap of other new blocks! Careful, though - blocks don't just come from nothing, and this machine will eventually run out of power once it makes a bunch!"

The Building Blocks Machine is a non-solid foreground provider block introduced during the Block Party 2 update on April 1, 2019.


When harvested (by being punched), a Building Blocks Machine will randomly drop one stack of the following blocks, most of which can be obtained through other ways. One can be harvested every 24 hours for ten days before turning into a Used Building Blocks Machine.

Drops also obtainable from Balloon-O-Matics
ItemSprites.png Balloon Throwing Stand ×3
ItemSprites.png Bouncy Balloon ×1
ItemSprites.png Kiddie Pool ×5
ItemSprites.png Inflatable Ring x3
ItemSprites.png Target ×3
ItemSprites.png Dunking Bucket x3}}
ItemSprites.png Waterslide ×10
ItemSprites.png Waterslide Strut ×10
Drops also obtainable from Party-In-A-Boxes
ItemSprites.png Party Block ×5
ItemSprites.png Party Bunting ×5
Drops also obtainable from Pinata Whistles
ItemSprites.png Pinata Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Adobe Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Churro Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Nacho Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Olmec Head x1
ItemSprites.png Wrestling Ring ×2
Drops also obtainable from Seasonal Clash Awards
ItemSprites.png Castle Stone ×5
ItemSprites.png Castle Stone Background x5
ItemSprites.png Castle Turret ×5
ItemSprites.png Manor House Sandstone ×10
ItemSprites.png Manor House Sandstone Background ×10
ItemSprites.png Nobleman's House ×5
ItemSprites.png Stables ×5
Drops also obtainable from splicing two seeds
ItemSprites.png Audio Rack ×1
ItemSprites.png Audio Gear ×1
ItemSprites.png Clouds Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Clouds Background ×10
ItemSprites.png Dinosaur Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Skull Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Aqua Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Blue Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Brown Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Green Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Grey Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Orange Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Purple Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Yellow Wallpaper ×10
ItemSprites.png Art Wall ×5
ItemSprites.png Dark Walnut Block ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Walnut Wall ×10
ItemSprites.png Dark Walnut Ladders ×5
ItemSprites.png Outie Block ×5
ItemSprites.png Innie Block ×5
ItemSprites.png E-Z Cook Oven ×1
ItemSprites.png Jade Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Picket Fence ×5
ItemSprites.png Corn ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Piano Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Bass Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Drums ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Sax Note ×5
Drops also obtainable from Summer Surprises
ItemSprites.png Cow Skull ×5
ItemSprites.png Deck Chair ×5
ItemSprites.png Flamingo ×5
ItemSprites.png Beach Umbrella ×3
Drops exclusive to the machine
ItemSprites.png Black Leather Couch ×5
ItemSprites.png Chimney ×5
ItemSprites.png Granite Column ×5
ItemSprites.png Lava Falls ×5
ItemSprites.png Creepy Baby Block ×10
ItemSprites.png Digital Dirt ×10
ItemSprites.png Grimstone Background ×10
ItemSprites.png Rickety Ladders x5
ItemSprites.png Growmoji Smile Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Growmoji Wow Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Growmoji Tongue Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Mahogany Frame ×10
ItemSprites.png Regal Bannister ×10
ItemSprites.png Regal Stairs ×10
ItemSprites.png Shining Block - Red ×5
ItemSprites.png Shining Block - Yellow ×5
ItemSprites.png Shining Block - Purple ×5
ItemSprites.png Summer Checkpoint ×5
Drops also obtained through other miscellaneous ways
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Lyre Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Spanish Guitar Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Violin Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Flute Note ×5
ItemSprites.png Filigreed Jade Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Draped Filigreed Jade Block ×3
ItemSprites.png Diamond-Encrusted Draped Filigreed Jade Block ×2
ItemSprites.png Googly-Eyed Diamond-Encrusted Draped Filigreed Jade Block ×2
ItemSprites.png Jigsaw Wallpaper ×5
ItemSprites.png Dark Chocolate Block x3
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