Bunny Barko (Easter Week Villains) 

He is summoned by consuming Crime Wave (chance) during Easter Week or by consuming Cursed Jet Engine.

Cards he uses
ItemSprites.png Superpower - Egg Shield
ItemSprites.png Superpower - Frost Breath
ItemSprites.png Superpower - Frozen Mirror
ItemSprites.png Superpower - Crush
ItemSprites.png Superpower - Super Speed

Health: 15

Method: Bring Frost Breath, Megawatt Pulse, any Fire Superpower Card, any Lightning Superpower Card and any Muscle Superpower Card (Regeneration is recommended).

First use Frost Breath (he is never able to block this card), then play Megawatt Pulse (He cannot plays any card). If he plays Egg Shield, use Megawatt Pulse (might be countered). After he plays Super Speed, use either Ice Card or Muscle Card (he is unable to counter these cards). Follow those method until he is defeated.


The name "Bunny Barko" is a reference to a movie called Donnie Darko.

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