32?fill=cb-20210603080708 Burning Eyes

Need some eyedrops for those? Sponsored by SweGamerHD, his subscribers, and Palladius.
This item never drops any seeds.
Type32?fill=cb-20210603080708 Face - Clothes
Texture Type32?fill=cb-20190918130753 Single
Collision Type32?fill=cb-20190711145516 Full Collision
Hardness32?fill=cb-20210603080708 0 Hits
32?fill=cb-20210603080708 0 Hits
Restores after 0s of inactivity.
Seed Color16?fill=cb-20210603080708
Grow Time32?fill=cb-20210603080709 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems Drop32?fill=cb-20210603080708 N/A
32?fill=cb-20210603080708 NPC Trading
Buy 1 of this item from 32?fill=cb-20210603080708 Locke The Salesman for 32?fill=cb-20210603080708 World Lock (x50).

The Burning Eyes is an unsplicable face item.


CheckboxEnabled.png   Your eyes are quite warm.
Checkbox0.png   Everything looks so much cooler!

When equipped, the item gives the Burning Eyes mod, replacing the player's punch with flames coming from the player's eyes.


  • Burning Eyes has a slightly bigger fire animation than the Dragon Hand. It also noticeably shoots two fire beams instead of one.
  • Burning Eyes gives the wearer a longer punch, just like the Cyclopean Visor. However, unlike the latter, they do not weaken the strength of the punch when breaking blocks.


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