Can Of Beans

This can contains a magical fruit.


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Consumable
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 3 hits
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 2 Style 4
Seed Style Style 10 Style 4
Color #6A3C3C #D94243

Can of Beans is an unsplicable consumable which was added on the first day of Player Appreciation Week 2017. It is obtainable by buying it from Snack Fu in world TOURNAMENT for 10,000 Gems. When used, the player will obtain a random TOURNAMENT prize, make a fart sound, and automatically do the /troll command.

Prize List

Chance is equal between all items.

1x ItemSprites.png Stone Pagoda
1x ItemSprites.png Stone Pagoda Base
1x ItemSprites.png Stone Pagoda Roof Element
1x ItemSprites.png Decorative Roof Dragon
1x ItemSprites.png Wooden Pagoda Wall
1x ItemSprites.png Wooden Pagoda Window
1x ItemSprites.png Wooden Pagoda Door
1x ItemSprites.png Grand Jade Platform
1x ItemSprites.png Paper Wall


  • Can of Beans' description and effect is a reference to the song Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit, which is also known as Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit.