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Growtopia features a chatting system that allows players to communicate with other players. It is displayed at the top of the screen and is easily resizeable. When a player tries to say inappropriate language, all of the inappropriate words will be replaced with "@#!?" (or a combination of these symbols). Players can remove this by un-checking the filter inappropriate language in the Parental Controls part of options. Options can be accessed by clicking the menu at the top right corner.

Abusing the chat feature by spamming text quickly, swearing excessively, or using macros such as spam bots will result in a punishment such as a Duct Tape or a ban.

Chat Commands

There are a variety of commands that can be used in the chat, by entering a slash (/) followed by the command name. There are also several commands that causes the player to perform emotes. These commands can also be seen at START. These commands are still executable even if there are additional letters following the original command. For example: /lovebug will still execute the command /love.

The list of commands players can use are:

Command Description
/? or /help Shows all the available chat commands.
/msg Searches for players that start with the said player name and sends a private message to the player, or if there are many, the first 3 matching names. The first five characters of the name must be inserted.

Adding a / before the player name specifies it as an exact search and will only search for players with that exact username. Example: /msg /player will send a message to only the user named "player."

/r Sends a message to the last person who private messaged the player.
/me Say something in third-person, usually used when roleplaying.

Prevents the from seeing chat messages and receiving private messages from the specified player. Players can remove the ignore people using the Friends List.

If a player tries to ignore themselves, the following message will appear: Don't look now, but that person is IN YOUR HOUSE!

If a player tries to ignore a moderator, the following message will appear: Clever perhaps, but definitely not wise.

/trade Allows the player to trade with a specific person in the world.

If a player tries to trade themselves, the following message will appear: You trade all your stuff to yourself in exchange for all your stuff.

/pb Allows you to Pet Battle with a specific person in the world.

Typing this command without a Battle Leash equipped will display the following message: You don't have a Battle Leash equipped!

If a player tries to battle themselves, the following message will appear: You did it, you defeated yourself in a Pet Battle!

/broadcast or /bc Broadcasts a message to 1000 randomly selected players online. Costs 600 Gems to use (450 Gems for Supporters).
/cb Allows the player to broadcast to a specific number of people. However, you can custom broadcast to a minimum of 1001 players. The price depends on number of people being broadcasted to (1 gem per player if Super Supporters, 1.5 gems per player for Supporters, and 2 gems per player for non-supporter players.
/sb Broadcasts a message to all players online. The price depends on the number of players online.
/sdb Broadcast a message to all players online. It is a super broadcast that players cannot ignore. When used, a window will pop up showing the message, a GO! button and a cancel button. It costs 50 Growtokens, but is currently disabled due to lag concerns.
/warp A command only for Super Supporters. Allows the player to warp to a specific world. There is a 15 second cooldown between the command use.

While warping to a world, the chat will display: Magically warping to world <World Name>...

Attempting to warp to a world with special characters, the chat will show: >Invalid world name! Look, /warp is a magical command and all, but it can't go there!

This command isn't displayed on a non-Supporter's /help command list. Attempting to do so will display the chat: The /warp command lets you instantly travel to another world. This command is only available to Super Supporters! It has a 15 second cooldown. To warp directly to a door do it like: /warp <worldname>


A command only for Super Supporters. It hides the Super Supporter status of a player.

This command isn't displayed on non-Super Supporter player on /help command list. Attempting to do so will respond as an unknown command.

/fc Sends a broadcast to all of the player's friends who are online at the time. Player must also have their Friend's Notifications on.
/friends Opens the friends list without needing to press the social button.
/guild Opens the guild window without needing to press the social button.
/gc Sends a broadcast to all of the player's guild members who are online at the time. Player must also have their Friend's Notifications on and must have joined a guild.
/gwarp Allows the player to teleport to the designated guild home, exclusive to players who has joined a guild.
/roles Pulls up the Role Menu.
/pvpcard Requests a PVP Card Battle to a Player. The command is temporarily disabled because there is an issue.

Game Status Commands

Command Description
/time Shows the current time in Growtopia. (EDT Time)
/status Lists the world the player is currently in, the worlds they have previously visited, the number of backpack slots they have, and any status effects.
/stats Lists server uptime, number of players online by platform, active worlds, and server CPU load.
/who Lists players in the player's current world, as well as displays their names over their avatars.
/rules Shows the game rules.
/news Brings up the Growtopia Gazette.
/friends Opens the friends menu.
/top Opens the World Rankings menu.
/radio Toggles the radio, hiding public broadcasts when disabled (enabled by default, can be turned back on with the same command).
/mods Lists the usernames of the Game Moderators currently online and visible. If all are hidden, it will display: Mods online: (All are hidden)

Access Commands

Command Description
/pull For lock owners, pulls the specified player to their current location, if the specified player is standing in an area which the player controls. Note that only the World Lock considers the White Door in its area of control, along with Bedrock.

If a player attempts to pull themselves, the following message will be displayed: Ouch!

/kick For lock owners, instantly kills and sends the specified player back to the White Door. It ignores the capability of the Checkpoint.

If a player attempts to kick themselves, the following message will be displayed: You give yourself a solid boot to the backside. But what did that really accomplish?

/kickall This is the more powerful type of kick, but it takes a bit long to recharge afterwards. It moves everyone (except admins and the owner) to the White Door after a 5 second delay mechanism. Because it's so powerful, it has a cooldown every 10 minutes.
/ban For players with World Lock access, bans the indicated player from entering the world for one hour.

If a player attempts to ban themselves, the following message will be displayed: You are banned from banning yourself!

/uba or /uban Un-bans all players who were previously banned, regardless if there were any players banned. Only works in World-Locked worlds.
/go Moves the player to the location of the last broadcast, if possible.
/rgo Moves the player to the location of the last private message received, if possible.
/beta Takes the player to another server. It is usually only open for around 2–4 days to the public and any activity in this server will not be saved. Used for testing updates prior to its release but originally only used to stress test new server upgrades.

Will only work if Beta is open. Attempting to use the command when close will display the message: Beta is not available to anyone right now.

/renderworld Takes a screenshot of the whole world, along with the pictures of the admins and the world name on the lower right corner. It can be used only once per day, and only the owner of the world can produce the picture. See World Render for more information.

World Commands

Command Description
/unaccess Removes the player's access from ALL locks in the world (unless the player owns the locks).
/rate Rates the current world from 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being bad and 5 being excellent.

World owners and admins cannot use this command in their worlds, requires level 10 or greater.

/report Report a world if the player thinks there is illegal activities happening inside the world, allows moderators to check these worlds.

Attempting to report a special world such as CARNIVAL or GROWGANOTH will display the message: No need to report this place.

/fav Adds a world to favorites.


Command Description
/smile or :) Makes the player smile.
/cry or :'( Makes the character cry, similar to /sad and :( but tears fall out as well.
:O.O Makes the character's cheeks bloated as if they're swimming.
/laugh, lol, :D or /lol Makes the player grins, widely showing their teeth (saying Lol will not work, must be all-capital or all lower case).
/mad or shoot with any gun. Makes the player scowl, their eyes turn red.
/wave Makes the player smile and wave his hand.
/dance Makes the player start dancing.
/love, /kiss or :* Makes the player's eyes turn to hearts and start spewing heart effects.
/sleep Makes the player fall asleep and Zs come out of their mouth. If done by a bed, the character sleeps in the bed.
/yes Makes the player give a thumbs up and nods their head while grinning.
/no Makes the player give a thumbs down while shaking their head.
/wink or ;) Makes the player wink, closing their left eye.
/troll Makes the player grins widely with a smug expression (resembling the troll face).
/cheer Makes the player jump up and down excitedly.

:p or standing near someone with either a Cigar, Stinky Bucket, Chip-and-Dip, Tainted Cheese or after consuming Coffee

Makes the player stick their tongue out.
/sad or :( Makes the player puts on a glum expression.
/fp or /facepalm Makes the player slap their face while shaking their head with a disappointed expression.
/omg or :o or after consuming Habanero Pepper Makes the player wave their arms around in the air wildly with their eyes wide and mouth open. Typing :O will only make the player's mouth open widely.
/shrug or /idk Makes the player shrug while making a straight face.
/furious Makes the player's skin turns red as well as an angry face. The character's feet stomp on the ground to kick up dust. Steam comes out of the character's supposed ears. A sound of a boiling kettle/steam train can be heard, too.
/rolleyes or /eyeroll Makes the player rolls their eyes and slightly raises his hands.
/foldarms, /fa, /stubborn or /fold Makes the player cross their arms and shake their head.

Causes the player to dab, playing a continuous animation that can only be stopped when the player attempts to move.

/sassy Causes the player to point with their finger and shake their head.
/dance2 Causes the player to floss, playing a continuous animation that can only be stopped when the player attempts to move.
/smh Causes the player to put both hands on their face and shake their head.
/shy Causes the player to blush, coloring the player's cheeks pink.
/grumpy Causes the player to frown.
-_- Makes the player's eyes dot-like with a straight face.
0-0 Makes the player's eyes open wide with a straight face.

Text Coloring

Chat in Growtopia can be colored with use of the backtick (`), character followed by a character to indicate the color desired. Moderators automatically talk in a lime color, while Developers automatically talk in a purple color.

Code Internal name Preview Decimal code (R,G,B) Hex code (#RRGGBB)
`0 Default 255,255,255 #ffffff
`1 Light cyan 173,244,255 #adf4ff
`2 Green 73,252,0 #49fc00
`3 Light blue 191,218,255 #bfdaff
`4 Crazy red 255,39,29 #ff271d
`5 Pinky purple 235,183,255 #ebb7ff
`6 Brown 255,202,111 #ffca6f
`7 Light gray 230,230,230 #e6e6e6
`8 Crazy orange 255,148,69 #ff9445
`9 Yellow 255,238,125 #ffee7d
`! Bright cyan 209,255,249 #d1fff9
`@ Bright red/pink 255,205,201 #ffcdc9
`# Bright purple 255,143,243 #ff8ff3
`$ Pale yellow 255,252,197 #fffcc5
`^ Light green 181,255,151 #b5ff97
`& Very pale pink 254,235,255 #feebff
`w White 255,255,255 #ffffff
`o Dreamsicle 252,230,186 #fce6ba
`b Black 0,0,0 #000000
`p Pink 255,223,241 #ffdff1
Added as part of Player Appreciation Week 2017 in August 2017
`q Dark blue 12,96,164 #0c60a4
`e Medium blue 25,185,255 #19b9ff
`r Pale green 111,211,87 #6fd357
`t Medium green 47,131,13 #2f830d
`a Dark grey 81,81,81 #515151
`s Med grey 158,158,158 #9e9e9e
`c Vibrant cyan 80,255,255 #50ffff
Added as part of the Chat UI update on October 28, 2019
Bright yellow 255,225,25 #ffe119



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