Growtopia features a chat system that can be used to communicate with other users. It is displayed at the top of the page and is resizable.When a player tries to say Inappropriate Languages,all Inappropriate languages will be replaced with @#!?

Chat Commands

There are a variety of commands that can be used in the chat, by entering a slash (/) followed by the command name. There are also several commands that cause your character to perform emotes until they move.

Command Description
/? Lists available chat commands.
/msg Usage: /msg <player> <message>; Sends a private message to the player specified. Excluding the message simply tells you if they are online.
/r Replies to the last person who private messaged you.
/ignore Usage: /ignore <player>; Prevents you from seeing chat messages and receiving private messages from the player specified. You can un-ignore people using the Friends List.
/broadcast Broadcasts a message to 1000 randomly selected players online. Costs 50 gems.
/sb Broadcasts a message to all players online. Price depends on number of players online. (1 gem per 10 players)
/cb Allows you to broadcast to a specific number of people. Price depends on number of people you Custom broadcasted to.(1 gem per 10 players)
/me Usage: /me <message>; Says a message with /me replaced by the player's username, and the message surrounded by angle-brackets.
/time Shows the time in Growtopia Time (UTC +9).
/status Lists your current world, the worlds you have previously visited, number of backpack slots, and status effects.
/stats Lists server uptime, number of players online by platform, active worlds, and server CPU load.
/who Lists players in your current world, as well as displays their names over their avatars.
/rules Shows the rules 
/news Shows the news
/friends Opens the friends menu.
/top Opens the World Rankings menu.
/radio Toggles the radio, hiding public broadcasts when disabled.
/mods Lists the usernames of the Game Moderators currently online and visible. 
/pull Usage: /pull <player>; For lock owners, pulls the indicated player to your position.
/kick Usage: /kick <player>; For lock owners, instantly kills and respawns the indicated player.(Ignores Checkpoint)

Usage: /ban <player>; For players with World Lock access, bans the indicated player from entering the world for one hours.

/uba Unbans all players who were previously banned. Only works in World-Locked worlds you gained access to the lock.
/go Moves the player to the location of the last broadcast or Super-Broadcast, if possible.

Moves the player to the location of the last private message received, if possible.

/beta Takes you to another server. It was only opened for around 2-4 days to the public and everything built in this server will be removed every reset.


Resets everyone to the white door in 5 seconds. Can only be used every 10 minutes.


/smile or :) The character smiles, showing their teeth.
/cry or :'( The character cries.
/laugh or lol or :D The character grins widely.
/mad or shoot with any gun.

The character scowls, with their eyes turning red.

/wave The character waves.
/dance The character dances.
/love /kiss or :* The character's eyes turn to hearts and start spewing heart effects.
/sleep The character's eyes close and emits Zs. If done by a bed, the character sleeps in the bed.
/yes The character gives a thumbs up and nods their head while grinning.
/no The character gives a thumbs down while shaking their head.
/wink or ;) The character winks.
/troll The character grins widly, with a crazy expression.
/cheer The character cheers.
:p The character sticks its tounge out.
/sad or :(

The character does a sad face.

Text Coloring

Chat in Growtopia can be colored with use of the backtick (`) character followed by a character to indicate the color desired.


Code Description Preview
`0 White
`1 Sky Blue
`2 Green
`3 Pale Blue
`4 Red
`5 Purple
`6 Tan
`7 Light Gray
`8 Orange
`9 Yellow
`b Black
`w White
`^ Lime
`$ Yellowy
`# Pink (Mod's Name Colour)
`@ Peach (Flesh)
`! Light Blue (Cyan)
`` Reset to default (varies)
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