The Community Hub is an update which was added along with Block Party 2 update on April 1, 2019. It can be found on the Social Portal. It features a series of buttons, which are Featured Worlds, past and current World Of The Days, Top Rated and Top Worlds of the day, overall Top Worlds, Official YouTube Channel, and it features different Content Creators that gets picked every two months. During the first cycle, the Content Creators were given Awesome Item-O-Matics for them to giveaway to their audience. However, this was removed during the second cycle onward because it was too controversial. The following are the previous and current Content Creators:


Content Creator Platform
macproof_gt Instagram
evets_gt Instagram
oldgertie Instagram
VenomST Instagram
BenBarrage YouTube
LinkTrader GT YouTube
Keenan GT YouTube
Tery YouTube


Content Creator Platform
dailygtmemes Instagram
grxwtopia Instagram
iiGoPro YouTube
MrAmos YouTube
Wizard Gaming YouTube
Aipan YouTube


Content Creator Platform
Jamew7 YouTube
Johnxx YouTube
OneJing YouTube
VendProfits GT YouTube
OrionKM Twitch
WinterMDW Twitch
growtopiareal Instagram


Content Creator Platform
nabikrebs Instagram
VinOscar YouTube
Vendinq YouTube
Kreena YouTube
EAwizrd YouTube
Jenulot Twitch
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