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The E-Z Cook Oven just doesn't cut it... it's time we had real cooking in Growtopia! Mix, grind, and heat your way to the coveted Mac n' Cheese Star with our big Cooking update!

Food that you cook grants "Food Buffs" - half-hour bonuses. You can only use one Buff at a time, eating something else replaces the one you have. Eggs Benedict can no longer be made in a laboratory or E-Z Cook Oven. It must be made by Cooking in a real oven from now on, and its Extra XP bonus is now a Buff.

Need recipes to cook with? Ask your friends, because we ain't talkin'!

-@Seth and @Hamumu

The Cooking update was released on the 1st of April, 2017. There was no item pack released.

Most of the cooking ingredients are from grinding with a Food Grinder. Then, they are combined in a Home Oven with important timing.


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  • The idea of cooking in Growtopia was first entertained back in 2013, when Growtopia's creator Seth said, "We did make some changes a while back so it is possible for us to do things like "use dough (or some consumable item) on a stove and get cooked bread back" in theory, hope to experiment in that line more later."[1]
    • A simplistic "cooking" mechanism was added in the Rise of the Desert Dragons update, with food-based items which can be made from combining three stacks of items in any chemical combiner. The developers were presumably unsatisfied with this version of cooking, prompting them to add cooking as its own elaborate activity in this 2016 update.