Items Recipe
ItemSprites.png Home Oven Splicing Pocket Lighter Seed and Air Duct Seed.
ItemSprites.png Food Grinder Combining 10 Synthetic Chemical, 10 Mysterious Chemical and 10 Chemical G in any Chemical Combiner.
ItemSprites.png Salt Block Splicing Texas Limestone Seed and Stalactite Seed.
ItemSprites.png Fish Chunk Cut any fish on a Cutting Board. A Fish Chunk is given for every 10lbs of fish cut.
ItemSprites.png Beef Cut a Cow on a Cutting Board.
ItemSprites.png Chicken Meat Cut a Chicken on a Cutting Board.
ItemSprites.png Onion Splicing Foliage Seed and Venus Guytrap Seed.
ItemSprites.png Lemon Splicing Pastel Yellow Block and Yellow Wallpaper Seed.
ItemSprites.png Avocado Possible drop from an Ultra Pinata.
ItemSprites.png Cherry Splicing Dark Red Block Seed and Blueberry Seed.
ItemSprites.png Chocolate Sprinkles Block Combining 25 Sugar Cane, 10 Candy Cane Block and 10 Chocolate Swirl Block in a Microwave on a Chocolate Block.


Mix a Habanero Pepper and a Tomato in a cooking oven. The item itself is not obtainable, but other items can be added to the Salsa to cook an item.

Other Ingredients

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