Similar to Crazy Jim's Daily quest and goals, this is a bonus which rewards extra gems or other items with the achievement of something. The first daily bonus is 5% awesomeness, then 10%, and so on.

Daily Bonus Minimum awesomeness & level Bonus
Gem Bonus 5

Earn XXX Gems for XX bonus Gems (e.g. 550 gems for 55 bonus gems when level 55).

Fish Bonus 10 Double Fish for your first catch when fishing.
Surgery Bonus 15 Double prize for your first surgery.
Geiger Bonus 20 Double prize for your first Geiger Counter use.
Super Bonus 25 Double prize for your first villain defeated.
Token Bonus 30 Get 1,000xp with your first Growtoken.
Lobster Bonus 35 Double items in your first Lobster Trap.
Wolf Bonus 40 Double prize for your first Wolfworld.
Pet Bonus 45 Bonus Pet Trainer Medal for your first Pet Battle.
Synth Bonus


Double prize for your first Chemsynth.
Cooking Bonus 55 Get a Mac n' Cheese Star for your first edible meal cooked.
Life Bonus 60 Get a Growtoken for finishing all 3 Life Goals.
Mega Bonus 65 Get 2 Growtokens for earning all other Daily Bonuses!
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