Daily Challenge

Daily Challenges appear daily and last for roughly 2 hours. During this time, Growtopians who wish to participate in the Daily Challenge must perform a certain task. They come around every 25 hours, slowly shifting time zones so all Growtopians from all different time-zones can have a chance to win.

One may wrench a Challenge Board in order to see which players are winning and how many points they have. Also, one can see how much time is left before the next Daily Challenge.

For every Daily Challenge, players must be in the top five in terms of points to get ranked.

Daily Challenges

Doctors' Duel: Perform as many Surgeries as possible.

+50pts Complete a successful surgery.
-1pts Use a tool.

It is necessary to prepare for this challenge by buying a lot of surgery packs, as well as Legal Briefs in case one fails a surgery and get malpractice mod. Stethoscope can also help with skill fails.

Card Clash: Defeat as many Supervillains as possible.

+50pts Defeat a Supervillain.
-1pts Use a card (1 turn).

A player needs a hefty sum of Crime Cards and Crime Waves for this challenge.

War of Wolves: Complete as many Wolf Worlds as possible.

+1pts per second remaining.

Only skill and luck matters in this challenge, as some WOLFWORLD worlds are faster to beat than others.

Fish Frenzy: Fish as many fish as possible.

+1pts Per lb of fish caught.

One needs to save hundreds of Fishing Fly and Shrimp Lure for this challenge. The Licorice Rod is supposedly the best rod for this challenge, followed by the Goldenrod.

Carnie Contest: Finish as many Carnival games as one can. Playing Brutal Bounce game do not give any points, nor prizes. (only when the Carnival is around.)

+1pts Win any Carnival game except Brutal Bounce.

The best way to win this challenge is to play the Mirror Maze during the whole challenge. It is a mix of skill and luck, as one will have to be alone in their game to minimize the queue time, or switch worlds if someone decides to play that game too.

Battler's Beatdown: Win as many pet battles as possible. (Other players don't count)

Crystal Crusher: Break as many harmonised crystals as possible. Crystals placed before the challenge do not count.

+1pts Per Green Crystal, Red Crystal or Blue Crystal used.
+2pts Per White Crystal used.
+5pts Per Black Crystal used.

It is better to buy Black Crystals for this challenge, as one can use a Rainbow Crystal Block to make Black Crystal Dragons to resell, as it minimize one's loss. It is also good to prepare with different element blocks/farmables, to quickly harmonize the crystals.

Growch Games: Earn as many Tree Decorations as possible. They are available from Fishing, Fighting Villains, Surgery or Geiger Counter. (only when Winter Fest is around)

+1pts Earn 1 Tree Decorations.

Surgery has the best rentability for this challenge, but it is costy.

Patrick's Prize: Complete as many Blarney worlds as possible. (Only when St. Patrick is around)

 +10pts  Complete BLARNEY 1
 +11pts  Complete BLARNEY 2
 +12pts  Complete BLARNEY 3
 +13pts  Complete BLARNEY 4
 +14pts  Complete BLARNEY 5
 +15pts  Complete BLARNEY 6
 +16pts  Complete BLARNEY 7
 +17pts  Complete BLARNEY 8
 +18pts  Complete BLARNEY 9

It is a skill only challenge. BLARNEY8 is supposedly the fastest world to earn points.

Growganoth's Game: Drop as many items as possible into the Maw of Growganoth

+1pts Per item dropped (including a stack).

One needs to wear any Jetpack with a Riding Bumblebee, Riding Raven or Zephyr Helm to jump to the top faster. Mostly skill-based as the player must find the shortest paths and avoid the eyes to the top.

Chemical Conundrum: Create the most Synthetic Chemicals without any help from anyone.

+100pts Create a Synthetic Chemical.
-2pts Use a tool.

The minimum amount of points that a player can get from attempting to create a Synthetic Chemical is 10pts.

Chef Showdown: Cook the most food (more points for higher quality!), without assistance.

Radiation Race:

+1pts Find a Uranium Block.

Pineapple Panic:

+1pts Feed a player with a Pineapple Body.


The Top 3 players of the Daily Challenges will receive prizes. The prizes vary, depending on what the Daily Challenge is.

Top 1 Player: The player who gained the most points will receive the Challenge Crown and the special prize of the Daily Challenge (depends on what the Daily Challenge is).

Top 2 and 3 Players: The 2nd and 3rd top scorers will receive the Challenge Board and the special prize of the Daily Challenge.

Top 4 and 5 Players: Unfortunately, the Top 4 and 5 Players do not receive any prizes.

Special Prizes

Daily Challenge Special Prize Special Ability
Doctors' Duel ItemSprites.png Stethoscope Reduces skill fail by half.
Card Clash ItemSprites.png Super Logo - Crown Gives the player +2 health during card battles.
War of Wolves ItemSprites.png Wolf Spirit Chance to obtain better prizes when completing a WOLFWORLD.
Fish Frenzy ItemSprites.png Fishing Hat 5% chance not to use up the bait while fishing.
Crystal Crusher ItemSprites.png Rainbow Crystal Block 20% chance of getting back one of the crystal put in when the harmonised crystal is sitting on top of the block.
Carnie Contest ItemSprites.png Ring Of Savings Save 10% when purchasing Golden Tickets (90 rarity per ticket or 33 tickets per World Lock).
Growch Games ItemSprites.png Magical Carrot None.
Patrick's Prize ItemSprites.png Lucky Pendant None.
Growganoth's Game ItemSprites.png Eye Of Growganoth None.
Battler's Beatdown ItemSprites.png Pet Fox None.
Chemical Conundrum ItemSprites.png Chemist's Goggles 10% chance not to consume a Chemical when using a Chemsynth Tool.
Chef Showdown ItemSprites.png Master Chef's Oven Produces edible food at 50% or higher rather than 60% with a Home Oven.
Radiation Race ItemSprites.png Uranium Necklace Gives the player the Irridated mod.
Pineapple Panic ItemSprites.png Super Pineapple Guardian Charm Prevents consumables from affecting the player, 30 minute cooldown.

Removed Daily Challenges

Bunny Battle: Collect as many naturally spawned Magic Eggs as possible.

+1pts Collect 1 naturally spawned Magic Egg.

Same as Cosmic Crown challenge. It was removed due to some players exploiting the challenge to their advantage.

Zombie Stomp: Kill the most Zombies during the Pandemic.

Taken down due to many players exploiting the Super-Broadcasting system to bring people into their world to infect as well as many complaints from players about it being extremely unfair.

+1pts Per zombie killed.

Cosmic Crown: Collect as many naturally spawned dust as possible. Only occurs during the Night of the Comet.

+1pts Collect 1 naturally spawned Comet Dust.
+20pts Collect 1 naturally spawned Antimatter Dust.

Taken down due to many players complaining about how "unfair" the Daily Challenge was.

Daily Challenge Special Prize Special Ability
Bunny Battle ItemSprites.png Brainflower Has a chance of giving two Easter Eggs from a Egg-Hunting Basket.
Zombie Stomp ItemSprites.png Zombie Hound None.
Cosmic Crown ItemSprites.png Cosmic Cape Chance to obtain Comet Dust when smashing blocks.
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