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32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 This is an NPC, or a non-player character.

@Dr. Destructo is an NPC who appears during a Special Event where players in the world are required to defeat him by punching him. Dr. Destructo has a Destructo Ray where when players are hit with it, they are frozen for a few seconds. He also has the ability to spawn Public Lava around the world which acts like regular Lava, except it can be broken by all players. A health bar will appear, displaying his health, which reduces as he gets punched, but, he has the ability to regenerate if not kept under attack. He is also a villain randomly spawned by consuming a Crime Wave.


Dr. Destructo wears a Destructo Ray, Baneful Mask, Pinstripe Suit and Pinstripe Pants.



When Dr. Destructo has been defeated, everybody in the world will receive the Superhero achievement.