Dropping is the release of a stack of items to a world. When a stack of items are dropped, anyone who touches it will be able to pick it up.


There are several known ways for items to be dropped in a world.

Methods Overview
Pressing the "DROP" button in one's inventory. Doing this will allow the player to drop any stack of appropriate items to the tile in front of them. A confirmation screen will first appear. Entering a negative number in the amount-to-be-dropped field will result in the message "Nice try. You remind me of myself at that age."
Breaking a block. When a block is broken, it may either drop some gems, the block itself, its seed, or nothing. The more rarity it has, the more gems can be dropped when it is broken.
Harvesting a tree. When a tree is broken, it will drop its fruit and some gems. Rarely, the item's seed can also be dropped.
Combining three different stacks of items in any Chemical Combiner. Punching a Chemical Combiner containing three eligible stacks will close it and make one's Growtopian say "SCIENCE!". Opening it (also by punching), will cause a stack of dropped items to be created.


  • Some items, such as the Fist, can't be dropped by players in worlds at all. They can't be traded to other players either.
  • Fish have set amounts and can't be separated into smaller stacks. Trying to do so will result in the message "Please don't chop up the fish."
  • Sacrificing a stack of items in the Growganoth's maw may result in the player receiving one or more Halloween Week-related items.
  • You cannot drop if your facing to a solid block. Trying to do so will result in the message "You can't drop that here, face somewhere with open space."
  • Putting a dash ("-") before the number of how many you would drop will make your player say "Nice try. You remind me at that age."


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