Different events are held in Growtopia, one running at least every month. Events are generally held to celebrate holidays, and run for a week, with the Apology Weekend being an exception for both. They also usually come with at least one item whose recipe is limited to the event only.

Annual Events

Month Event
January Anniversary Week
January/February Chinese New Year
February Valentine's Week
March St. Patrick's Week
April Easter Week
May Cinco De Mayo Week
May/June Super Pineapple Party
June/July SummerFest
August Player Appreciation Week
September/October Harvest Festival
October/November Halloween

Thanksgiving Week

December WinterFest

Monthly Events

Event Duration Frequency
The Carnival 3 days Once a month
Night Of The Comet 24 hours Once a month
Locke The Traveling Salesman 24 hours per visit, 10 minutes per world Twice a month
The Grand Tournament 5 days Once a month
Surgery Day 24 hours Once a month
All Howl's Eve 24 hours Once a month
Geiger Day 24 hours Once a month
Ghost Day 24 hours Once a month

Daily Challenge

Event Duration Frequency
Daily Challenges 2 hours Every 23 hours

Special Events

Event Description
Beautiful Crystal You have 30 seconds to find and grab the Crystal Block Seed.

Magical Seeds

You have 30 seconds to find and grab the 4 Mystery Block Seeds.
Chemical Spill Toxic Waste spawns everywhere.
Deathmatch! Killing people gives you some (1 to 3) of their Gems for a short while.
Jackpot! Gems are spawned throughout the world.
Spoiler Alert You have 30 seconds to find the 10 pieces of the Secret Of Growtopia around the world.
Desert Blast You have 30 seconds to find and grab Desert Blast.
Dr. Destructo Event You need to defeat Dr. Destructo by punching him, before he escapes.
Wild Unicorn Hunt You have 30 seconds to find an Awkward Friendly Unicorn before it escapes!
Well, Well, Well You have 30 seconds to find the 3 Well blocks hidden around the world!
Lost Gold You have 30 seconds to find the Gold Choker hidden in the world!
Howling At The Moon You have 30 seconds to find 3 Wolf Whistles hidden in the world!
What's that? You have 10 seconds to find and grab the Doohickey.
Wild Fire A fire has spawned in your world!
Lock-Bot Malfunction Lock-Bot has come to your world by accident!
That's Puzzling... You have 20 seconds to find the 20 Jigsaw Wallpapers hidden in this world!
Crime in Progress! A random villain spawns in your world.
Anniversary Party You have 30 seconds to collect the 4 Party items spawned in your world! It only occurs during Anniversary Week, or by using a Party-In-A-Box.
Share The Love! You can spawn a few gems every time you type /love, lasts a few minutes. It only occurs during Valentine's Week.
Valentine's Card You have 30 seconds to collect the 5 Valentine's Dust spawned in your world! It also gives the player who received the Valentine's Card a Golden Booty Chest.
Rabid Leprechaun Attack! Sudden death for every Growtopian in the world containing the event. Leprechaun will run away and you will have to find it in 30 seconds. The prizes will be Pot O' Gold! It only occurs during St. Patrick's Week.
Luck of the Growish Green Beer and Lucky Clover spawn everywhere. Usually 5 each. It only occurs during St. Patrick's Week.
Egg Hunt Go find them eggs! 20 Magic Eggs will spawn in the world. It only occurs during Easter Week.
Pinata Bash Event You have 90 seconds to chase and smash the Ultra Pinata in order to grab its goodies. It only occurs during Cinco De Mayo Week or by using a Pinata Whistle.
Summertime Surprise A Summer Surprise has spawned! It occurs randomly during SummerFest. It also has a small chance of spawning by using Fireworks during the said event.
Songpyeon Event 3 Songpyeon spawn in your world, you have 30 seconds to collect them. It only occurs during Harvest Festival.
Mooncake Madness You have 30 seconds to find all the 40 Mooncakes scattered around the world! It only occurs during Harvest Festival.
Let it Snow! You have to collect 30 snowballs before they melt! It only occurs during WinterFest.
Spirit of Giving! Winter Gifts are spawned everywhere in a world. It only occurs during WinterFest.
Present Goblin Disguise You will spawn toys for 30 seconds which you cannot pick up. Occurs during WinterFest only.
Beat The Heat Cool off with some free Water Buckets.
Jungle Blast You have 30 seconds to find 1 Jungle Blast.
Playful Sprite You have 15 seconds to find a Playful Sprite.
Festival You have 30 seconds to find all 5 Winterfest Crackers hidden in the world.
Surgical Supply Drop You have ? seconds to find all 20 Surgical Tools hidden in the world. Only happens on Surgery Day.

Other Events

@Aimster holds a racing event at KYDERBY each year, a reference to the Kentucky Kyderby. It is usually hosted by moderators and some non-moderators who run the event for 24 hours. A rare item, the Mint Julep is given out as a prize to the winner of the racing event. The best designed race track worlds also win a prize too. @Aimster chooses the top nine worlds from the forums.

STYX, now a former Moderator, used to hold a Fire Festival, which is a reference to the Philippines fire festival. It was held in the world FIRE, which he later sold as he was no longer a moderator, therefore, discontinuing the event. The prize for the world was a Golden Apple. Since the event is now discontinued, players can now obtain the Golden Apple from Golden Treasure Hoards.

There is always a possibility that another Moderator might request to host an event.

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