ItemSprites.png Fireworks

This item never drops any seeds.
TypeItemSprites.png Consumable
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Single
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png No Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 3 Hits
ItemSprites.png 3 Hits
Restores after 4s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png N/A
Fireworks are consumables which were introduced during SummerFest 2013.

100 come with a purchase of the Beach Blast Bingo!. Fireworks can also randomly spawn in worlds, similar to Comet Dust, the more people there are in the world, the more likely they are to spawn. When Fireworks are launched, it will create a firework effect for a few seconds.


  • There is a small chance that launching one will spawn a Summer Surprise in the world.
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