Geiger Day

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Geiger Day is a monthly event which was added as part of Cinco De Mayo Week 2017. During this day, Geiger Counters take 15 minutes to charge. Moreover, the Irradiated mod will also last for 15 minutes only.


A Geiger Day may affect certain Geiger Counter prizes differently. The following items are added to the prize pool:

Meanwhile, the following items replace Black Stuff, Blue Stuff, Green Stuff, Orange Stuff, Purple Stuff, Red Stuff, and White Stuff:


During a Geiger Day, a unique supervillain may also spawn sometimes in place of the usual rewards after one uses a Geiger Counter. Normally, it would say, (someone) found a (name of item). Instead, it will say, (someone) was attacked by H.R. Geiger. The villain then appears as a Crime In Progress, giving the player an option to fight it in card battles.

Defeating H.R. Geiger may give one of the following exclusive prizes:

Note that H.R.Geiger — much like the other criminals — will only stay for a single day.

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