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32?fill=cb-20211201110151 This is an NPC, or a non-player character.

A Ghost is an NPC which inhabits haunted worlds (worlds which haven't been visited for a long time). They were added as part of the Battlers Of the Otherworldly update.


Ghosts spawn in a world which has not been visited for a long time. They can spawn in any world, with the exception of worlds with Ghost Charms placed in them. A limit of 25 ghosts can be spawned in a world. 


A Ghost flies around mindlessly. One is able to see it by equipping a Spectral Goggles or Synthetic Oculum. It, however, moves towards a player with a Neutron Gun and a Neutron Pack whose punch is in its way.

Ghosts can grant particular mods to players upon colliding with them unless they are wearing special items, such as the Rubber Boots. When a Ghost comes in contact with the rings of a placed Ghost Jar, the Ghost will be sucked in and disappear alongside the jar. Depending on its type, a Ghost-In-A-Jar,Mind-Ghost-In-A-Jar or an Ancestor Mooncake will then appear in one's backpack.


Items Effects and Summoning
Ghost Slows the player down upon contact for 6 seconds. Automatically spawns in worlds which haven't been visited by any players for some time or can be spawned using a Ghost-In-A-Jar.
Mind Ghost Has a slight chance of replacing a world's normal Ghost when it is loaded. Causes the player's control to become inverted for 6 seconds. Much faster and more difficult to catch than a normal Ghost. Can also be spawned using a Mind-Ghost-In-A-Jar.
Ghost Shark Kills players upon contact. Replaces all Ghosts during Halloween Week only.
Ghost of Winterfest Past Freezes players for 2 seconds upon contact. Only replaces all Ghosts during WinterFest.
Ancestor Ghost May spawn from harvested trees during a Harvest Festival. Acts similarly to a regular Ghost and turns into a regular Ghost after all players have left the world. Can be captured in a Ghost Jar to receive an Ancestor Mooncake instead.
Boss Ghost Spawns when the riddles of a Dark Spirit Board are completed. Partaking in the defeating of one gives a Boss Goo.


  • Ghost will not spawn in worlds with a Ghost Charm enabled.
    • Ghosts that were spawned before the Ghost Charm will still stay there till removed.
  • All ghosts in a world can be removed instantly using Ghost-Be-Gone.