Glitch Seeds refer to any type of seed which is now no longer obtainable and was never intended to be introduced making them extremely rare. Some glitched seeds were later reintroduced.

Tangram Block Seeds

Before June 2013, each Tangram Block (A-L) dropped their own seed. However, this was considered to be inefficient as it took up 24 inventory slots (12 blocks and 12 seeds). The Tangram Block was later changed to drop only the Tangram Block A seed and a Tangram Block tree would "bear a surprising fruit", giving any of the 12 Tanagram Blocks when harvested. All glitched Tangram Block seeds were renamed to "Tangram Seed", but upon dropping the glitched seed, it will display the name of the seed.

On March 2015, Locke's Mystery Box dropped glitched Tangram Block seeds upon smashing them. This was quickly patched.

NOTE: Only Tangram Block B to L are glitched.

Rollback Plaque Seeds

See the Rollback page for more information on the first and second rollback.

The Rollback Plaque Seed

When the first Rollback occurred on February 2013, the Rollback Plaque was introduced. It had rarity 3 and its seed was accidentally released through the Small Seed Pack for 50 Gems. This was quickly removed from the store and is considered to be extremely rare.

During the second Rollback, the Rollback Plaque II was introduced. During the event, a seed was a possible drop upon breaking a Rollback Plaque II. This seed was also accidentally released through the Small Seed Pack. However, after the event, the seeds were no longer obtainable, making them currently unobtainable.

All further rollbacks have not released any Rollback Plaque Seeds.

Gilded Frame Seeds

The Gilded Frame Seed

When the Gilded Frame was added during the Artsy April update, its seed was accidentally released through the Small Seed Pack, due to it being rarity 5. This was quickly removed upon being noticed.

Card Block Seeds

During May 2013, the Vegas Pack was introduced which added four Card Blocks: Card Block - Spade, Card Block - Diamond, Card Block - Heart and Card Block - Club. When the Tangram Block seeds B-L was removed, it was decided that Card Blocks would also drop one seed too, dropping the Card Block - Spade seed. This meant that the other Card Blocks would no longer drop their respective seed.

Unlike the Tangram Block seeds, the Card Block seeds were never obtainable from Locke's Mystery Box.

Chemical Seeds

When the Mad Science Kit was introduced in July 2013, six new chemicals were introduced: Chemical G, Chemical R, Chemical Y, Chemical B, Chemical P and the Mysterious Chemical. Due to Chemical R and Chemical Y's low rarity, they were introduced in the Small Seed Pack for 50 Gems, while Chemical B and Chemical P was found in the Rare Seed Pack for 500 Gems. Shortly after its release, the seeds were removed from the store, making them extremely rare.

There are Chemical Trees in SEIL and IHH.

GHX Speaker Seeds

When the GHX Speaker was introduced in the Cinema Pack during May 2014, it had no rarity (or rarity 999). It was considered as a normal block instead of a perma-item block. When players broke the block, it would either drop seeds, gems or nothing. This was quickly patched, making the GHX Speaker as a perma-item, meaning that the GHX Speaker Seeds are extremely rare.

Since the item has a rarity of 999, it would take exactly 31 years, 224 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes and 9 seconds to grow. However, the grow time of rarity 999 items has now been changed to one hour.

Forcefield Seeds

The Forcefield Seed

During October 2014, the Forcefield was introduced along with the Astro Pack. Forcefields were rarity 101 and were made by mixing in Chemical Combiners, meaning that they were not supposed to drop seeds. However, when they were first released, smashing them would drop Forcefield Seeds or nothing. This was later patched, making Forcefield seeds extremely rare.

Sungate Seeds

The Sungate Seed

During November 2014, the Desert Blast was introduced which had a small chance of spawning a Sungate. Upon breaking the Sungate, there was an extremely small chance for a Sungate Seed to drop. However, due to it being difficult to find, it took a while to patch it and not many instances still exist.

There is 1 final seed and it is displayed at JACKBOWE.

Mutated Seed Core

During the Night of the Sewing Dead, the Mutated Seed was introduced which could be used to splice various clothing. However, some players compacted these clothes in a Clothing Compactor and got a glitched Mutated Seed back, unable to use this to splice other items.

As a result, the Mutated Seed Core was introduced which replaced the sprite of all glitched Mutated Seeds. If a player had a Mutated Seed Core in their backpack, they could turn it into a regular Mutated Seed by moving to any other world or by logging off. Some rare instances of the Mutated Seed Core still exist, stuck in Display Blocks as they cannot be taken out and moved to other worlds.

Cosmic Clothing Seeds

Before March 2017, all cosmic clothing items could be compacted using the Clothing Compactor. However, players abused this and using a Hand Scythe on cosmic clothing seeds, compacting it for a high chance to obtain the Galactic Starseed back and repeating the process. As a result, all cosmic clothing items are no longer compactable, however, cosmic clothing seeds still exist.

Roots Seeds

On 11 July, 2019, shortly after the release of the Roots update, players were able to obtain the seeds of Root blocks and from completing Crazy Jim quests or could be found in Harvest Moon Blasted worlds.

The Harvest Moon Blasts were patched within a few hours and the seeds from Crazy Jim were removed the next day.

Half 1.png
Glitched Root Block Seeds
Half 2.png
Glitched Mature Root Block Seeds

GrowShow TV Seed

GrowShow TV Seed

On 1 May 2020, the GrowShow TV was introduced and was accidentally released such that it was able to drop seeds. It was patched a few hours later and the item no longer drops seeds.

Spooky Display Shelf Seed

The Spooky Display Shelf was introduced in Halloween Week 2020. Upon breaking, Spooky Display Shelves will drop either the Spooky Display Shelf seeds or nothing when broken; however, this issue was fixed roughly 6 hours after the launch of the update and the item no longer drops seeds.

Null Seed (No longer exists)

On 5th of October, 2013, players were able to obtain an item called the Null Seed from Harvest Moon Blasted worlds. A Null Seed is designed to represent a seed for an item which has not been released to the public yet. If a player recycled a Null Seed, they were able to obtain between 4,294,967,295 Gems and -4,294,967,295 Gems.

Within hours, the economy was ruined and the Rollback II was implemented to restore the economy. The glitch seed was removed from the game and no longer exists. Prior to SummerFest 2018, some players managed to obtain null_items, however, they later converted into the item when the event came along.

Bedrock and Bedrock Seeds

In February 2013, there was a glitch which allowed players to break Bedrock. Bedrock has a rarity of 1 and is extremely farmable. It was quickly patched and all Bedrock and Bedrock Seeds were removed from players inventories while worlds were manually repaired. They cannot be picked up and when they do, it will be instantly erased or cause an auto-ban. However, there are many worlds which were not repaired and have chunks of Bedrock missing (see Glitched Worlds).

In 2018, the remaining Bedrock seeds were removed from the game, however, Bedrock blocks can still be seen in the world 2021.

Clothing Seeds (No longer considered as glitched)

Previously glitched Fairy Wings Seed.

During January 2013, clothing tree seeds were able to drop clothing seeds when harvested. However, this was never intended and was later removed from the game, making clothing seeds extremely rare. The only clothing seed which was obtainable was the Wizard Hat Seed which came with the purchase of the Fantasy Pack.

On the 22nd of March, 2015, Locke The Traveling Salesman was introduced, along with the Clothing Compactor. The Clothing Compactor had an extremely rare chance of giving a clothing seed, bringing back clothing seeds. Clothing seeds are now no longer rare and are far easier to obtain.

Black Braids Tree (No longer considered as glitched)

Before the Black Braids were officially released, a Black Braids seed of rarity 999 was found. When planted, it would take exactly 31 years, 224 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes and 9 seconds to grow. Later, when Black Braids was released as an official item, the tree no longer existed.

Cow Skull Seed (Beta only)

Before SummerFest 2015, Beta was introduced to players. Through Harvest Moon Blasts, players managed to find the Cow Skull and the Cow Skull Seed. The Cow Skull was invisible to players, however, the seed was found to be rarity 1. Later, outside of Beta, the Cow Skull was officially released to the public but did not drop any seeds.

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