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Growassic Park update picture

Growassic Park is the tenth monthly update of 2016, which was added on the 7th of October. It introduces fossils and other items related to prehistory, geology, and paleontology.

Paleontologist's Kit

ItemSprites.png Growtopia Store
Purchase the Paleontologist's Kit for 20000 ItemSprites.png in the Growtopia Store.
"If you want to dig up fossils, this is the kit for you! Includes everything you need: 5 Fossil Brushes, a Rock Hammer and Rock Chisel, a Blue Hardhat for safety, and a Rare Fossil Prep Station to get your fossils ready for display."
The Paleontologist's Kit is an item pack which contains the tools needed to obtain fossils. It costs 20,000 gems in the gems store.
Pack contents:
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