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The Maw of Growganoth

Growganoth is an extra-dimensional being that can be found in the world GROWGANOTH during the entirety of Halloween Week.


Most of GROWGANOTH's features are only available during Halloween Week. At this time of year, GROWGANOTH's background weather features a giant dark whirlpool with a spiraling maw in its center. Present blocks include Creepstone Platforms and Evil Eyes that periodically switch on or off. NPCs known as the Eyes of Growganoth may also be found floating from one side of the world to another. These creatures sting players in a similar manner to pain blocks, killing them after several successive hits.

When it is not Halloween Week, a Danger Sign above the World Lock in GROWGANOTH says in red, "GROWGANOTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!"


When players die in GROWGANOTH, their spirits are sucked into Growganoth's maw. By navigating through the realm upwards and dodging all the obstacles, players will be able to reach the maw alive. Once this happens, they can drop any stack of items in order to sacrifice them to Growganoth. Players can use Sigil Of K'Tesh to transport to the Maw of Growganoth immediately.

Regular Drops

Most of the time, sacrificing items of a certain rarity will result in a single prize; attempting to drop more items at once will increase the chance of getting a better reward. Rarity-based items are limited to the rarity of the sacrificed items. For example, sacrificing Altars, which have a rarity of 50, may only result in a single reward with a rarity of 50 or less.

Rarity Sacrificed
1 or above
5 or above
10 or above
15 or above
20 or above
25 or above
30 or above
35 or above
40 or above
45 or above
50 or above
55 or above
60 or above
65 or above
70 or above
73 or above
75 or above
80 or above
85 or above
90 or above
97 or above
100 or above
101 or above

Guaranteed Drops

Unlike the regular Growganoth drops, sacrificing these items will always result in a guaranteed drop. Sacrificing such items will always yield into a one to one exchange. For example, dropping 16 Dragon Tails will result in receiving 16 Devil Tails.

The following can also be a prize from sacrificing a 32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Dark King's Offering, rare items are broadcasted which can be seen by everyone.

Item Sacrificed

Dark King's Offering

Sacrificing a Dark King's Offering to Growganoth gives a random item from the guaranteed drops table. Some items are rarer than the others, with the Nightmare Devil Wings seemingly being the rarest. Some items trigger a universal message when obtained by the Dark King's Offering, these items would be Conquest's Helm, Cursed Fishing Rod, Darkest Skull Parasol, Nightmare Devil Wings, Nightmare Teeny Devil Wings.

Daily Challenge

In GROWGANOTH, supporters can participate in Growganoth's Game, a daily challenge exclusive to Halloween Week. Dropping items to Growganoth's maw yields 1 point for each stack of items sacrificed. The use of Sigil Of K'Tesh does not count in this challenge.

The top three players of the daily challenge will receive an Eye Of Growganoth, while the top three guilds will receive a Claw Of Growganoth. Only members that contribute points are able to obtain prizes. Challenge Boards, Challenge Crowns, Challenge Ledgers, and Guild Challenge Crowns are also given, as per usual.