The Maw of Growganoth

Growganoth is a special world which is only available during Halloween Week.

Growganoth's weather machine does not have a name, but it appears to be a giant dark whirlpool, the center being the spiraling maw.

This is an extra-dimensional being that wishes to spread spookiness around the world. Growtopians must navigate through a realm filled with platforms that switch on and off, with Evil Eyes that will kill the Growtopian on contact if they are open, and even flying eyes that kill you in a few hits and push you away if you touch them. Their spirits will be sucked into the Maw of Growganoth if they are killed in the world.

Once a player reaches the Maw of Growganoth, they can use the Drop button to sacrifice items to Growganoth for some random special item. Not all items can be traded with Growganoth, but some items will be traded into spookier items.

Players can use Sigil Of K'Tesh to transport to the Maw of Growganoth immediately.

When it is not Halloween Week, a Danger Sign above the World Lock says (in red): GROWGANOTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

Growganoth Trades

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