Growlactus serves as a boss for the Startopia update. It can be fought by travelling to The Galactic Nexus, and reaching 25,000,000 Star Miles along with a minimum ship rating of 7,000.

Starting a fight changes the background's weather to the Growganoth weather and permanently renders your Starship unusable, whether success or fail.


Items Approximate Chance
ItemSprites.png Wriggling Tentacle Guaranteed bonus prize
ItemSprites.png Vile Vial - Chaos Infection 1/2 (50%), bonus prize
ItemSprites.png HyperTech Starship Blast 1/4 (25%)
ItemSprites.png Star Tool Droid 1/4 (25%)
ItemSprites.png Space Thruster Boost Boots 1/6 (~16,6%)
ItemSprites.png Replicator 1/8 (12,5%)
ItemSprites.png MagTron LightCycle 1/10 (10%)
ItemSprites.png Startopian Empire - Force Shield & Phase Blaster 1/10 (10%)
ItemSprites.png EzCookOven's Robotic Tentacles 1/100-120 (~0.8-1%)
ItemSprites.png Horns of Infinity 1/100-120 (~0.8-1%)
ItemSprites.png Mjolnir While wearing a Legendary Map - Deciphered
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