ItemSprites.png Growtopia Gazette

Sept 20th: The ladies of Growtopia have spoken - they want more clothing choices! Today we've added 13 new items specifically for the fairer gender.

STICK ON THIS: Today we introduce Block Glue. It's sort of tricky to understand (for pro builders only!), but it allows you to control how borders work on blocks that have auto-tiling.

ItemSprites.png NEW: Tons of new female clothes items - find 'em yourself!

ItemSprites.png NEW: Block Glue gives you more control of the visuals

ItemSprites.png NEW: Cardboard Box sponsored by JakeShore, ADMEX1, and bankai

- @Seth and @Hamumu

The Growladies update was introduced on September 20, 2014. It introduced the Block Glue, Cardboard Box, and thirteen feminine clothing items.

Item Recipe
ItemSprites.png Messy Auburn Tresses
ItemSprites.png Hot Pink Highlights
ItemSprites.png Long Blonde Bangs
ItemSprites.png Long Black Bangs
ItemSprites.png Pink Hair Bow
ItemSprites.png Checkered Dress
ItemSprites.png Blue Skirt
ItemSprites.png Red Sun Dress
ItemSprites.png Growbans
ItemSprites.png Simple Purple Dress
ItemSprites.png Bee Hair Pin
ItemSprites.png Butterfly Hair Pin
ItemSprites.png Pink Pageboy
ItemSprites.png Cardboard Box
ItemSprites.png Block Glue
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