Growtopia - GrowSabers

Growtopia - GrowSabers

Growsabers are a series of equipment items which were sponsored by players JakeShore and PirateHunter. They are energy blades which are held by a metal handle. The appearance and name of the Growsabers are similar to lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise.

Growsabers can be made by splicing a Crystal Block Seed with a Neon Lights Seed. The resulting tree can drop any of the six types of Growsabers, with certain sabers being less common than others. All of the Growsabers have a rarity of 126, and all add the Fists O' Fury mod when equipped, which increases the knockback on players when being hit.

The tree of this item can be made by mixing the following seeds:

SeedSprites.png Neon Lights Seed
SeedSprites.png Crystal Block Seed

A Growsaber tree can bear any of the following items, listed from most to least common:

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