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Growtopia is a 2D creative sandbox platformer MMO game originally developed by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies alongside Mike Hommel of Hamumu Clubhouse. However, in February of 2017, game developing company Ubisoft bought the rights to the franchise.

Seth Robinson first conceived of Growtopia on 8 September 2012[1] and asked fellow independent game developer Mike Hommel to join in the project shortly thereafter.[1] Growtopia was officially released on 9 January 2013.[1] Since then, the game has been the most successful game Robinson and Hommel have ever made.[citation needed]

On 28 February 2017, Growtopia was acquired by Ubisoft.[4][5] With its new headquarters in Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, a new team has since been working on the game.


Taken from the Growtopia Official Website.

Growtopia is a universe of unlimited worlds, all connected to each other. Create mind-bending worlds together with friends and fill them with anything your heart desires!

Collecting seeds, growing trees, harvesting and combining seeds to make new ones is the heart of the game. As universes go, Growtopia is filled with everyday heroes and some villains too. Protect your items and play with friends safely with innovative world lock system!


  • Unlimited worlds
  • Free to play, a single currency can be earned
  • Full chat and messaging
  • Thousands of amazing items to discover
  • Built for mobile, plays great on big screen


Gameplay in Growtopia consists primarily of open-ended sandbox mechanics, with the player being able to break and place blocks, plant and splice (combine) different kinds of seeds, edit block properties, and lock their world to protect it from harm. Players can travel to the worlds of other players and chat interactively with them. Newly created worlds are procedurally generated.



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  • Before its current name, Growtopia, the game was originally called Buildo. However, the name was changed because the name "Buildo" was already in use.


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