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There have been a number of items and features that were mentioned by the developers at Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. These features are either currently planned, or may have simply been dropped entirely.

Note that this page only documents items and features that were mentioned, but are not yet in the game.


These items and features are planned to come to Growtopia sometime in the future.


Now, what can you expect in 2021? As UbiDev already teased, you can look forward to an amazing new game feature but for now we cannot tell you what it will be. So Please be on the lookout for Very Exciting news!

In a forum thread,[1] Ubisoft team member @Baskerville teased that a PvE (player vs environment) feature will be coming to Growtopia.


These items and features were mentioned at one point, but they were later abandoned or had an unknown current status. Note that some of these contents were mentioned by developers who either no longer work at Ubisoft Abu Dhabi.

Food Fight

Due to lukewarm player reception to the Totally Gross event, the developers of Growtopia soon proposed a revamp. Days after the end of the first and only Totally Gross, a survey was sent out to players through Twitter and the Growtopia Gazette.[2] The survey read as follows:

Hello Growtopians!

We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from you about last month’s update, Gross-Out, and after reviewing it, we’ve come up with some interesting ideas to make it more fun and we want YOUR vote to help us decide what to do with it next! One is to keep it as-is, but rebalance things a little to make it easier (and cheaper) to explode for gross prizes. Another is to tweak the balancing AND change the items to be a little less gross, but keep the weirdness with strange new Mutations! Finally, another option is to go in a completely different direction with a balancing change-up and a total item alteration, focusing on food-themed items and explosions in an all-out Food Fight!

Let us know what you’d prefer in the poll below!


The survey contained only one question and three preset answers for players to choose from.

Question: How do you see the future of Gross-Out?

  • Keep (and tweak) Gross-Out! - We love all the slime and ickiness, like the Riding Poo, Bugs, Worms, Puggly Pups, Fly Heads, and Brain Blocks – just make them easier to get!
  • Shift things around a little with Mutations! - Tone down the gross but keep it weird with items like Extra Arms and Eyes on Stalks while adding strange new things like Mutant Eyes, Tentacle Feet, Claw Hands, and more!
  • Give us a complete change-up with Food Fight! - We don’t want weirdness at all – give us tons of food-themed fun with things like Riding Cupcakes, Frosted Feet, Croissant Blocks, Rainbow Buttercream Hair, and more!

Based off the popular vote, Totally Gross was rebranded two months later as Mutant Kitchen on July 26, 2019. Food Fight had thus been shelved and is no longer in development.

Pet Battles

The short (and probably unsatisfying) answer is that Pet Battles/Tournament are on our list of things to revisit (and slowly moving higher), but we have other updates and ideas that we feel our higher priority.

A post made by ex-developer Starkos indicated his belief that the Grand Tournament, and pet battles as a whole, will likely be updated at some point.[3]

Symbol blocks

We thought the ‘symbols’ were a nice detail to add to the set of blocks, like you find in the real world, but there’s a good argument of not having them for creativity and not using lots of glue.
I’m not sure if we will change the blocks that have been released, but any future blocks like this we will go with creating a separate ‘symbol’ block, that can be placed amongst the tileable set (and join seamlessly).
Having a separate block also opens the scope of using a chisel type tool to punch the ‘symbol’ block to change its appearance - doing this when the symbol block is part of the tileable set is more tricky than it would seem!

On a reply to a forum thread, ex-developer JamSandwich mentioned that the developer team would introduce a separate symbol block, that can be placed on the top of foreground blocks and join seamlessly.[4]

JamSandwich also commented that a chisel item could be a possibility in Growtopia, which would be able to change the appearance of the symbol block.

Trainable fish

The Narwhal Tusk Staff and Mr. Narwhal Leash were added in WinterFest 2018. On December 17, 2018, ex-developer JamSandwich revealed that there have been plans to make the rest of the fish caught with the Candy Cane Bait trainable. [5]

However, as of WinterFest 2020, no other fish obtained with the Candy Cane Bait have been made trainable.