The Growtopia Gazette is a news GUI which appears when a player login.  The Gazette can be found by typing /news in game or by equipping a Newspaper. Seasonal events and updates can be previewed there.

Also included in the gazette are links to the rules, the privacy policy, Growtopia's official Twitter and Facebook account and the Growtopia Forums.

Common things the gazette may include:

  • Sponsored Items and the player who sponsored it.
  • New updates and news about upcoming changes
  • Info about certain tweaks, nerfs or changes to the game.
  • Current Item Of The Month.
  • Warnings relating to scams, hacks or general frauds (these are always displayed at the bottom of the Gazette)
  • Growtopia on Facebook.
  • Help, rules and privacy policy.
  • Link to Growtopia Forums.
  • WOTD (World Of The Day, includes a button to warp to the current WOTD)
  • VOTW (Video Of The Week, includes a direct link to the Youtube Video)
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