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Suggestion Box
Tell us what you want!

Welcome to the Suggestion Box. In this page, you (yes, you!) are allowed to tell us what you would like to see in the wiki.

Do take note that not all suggestions would be accepted. We will only pick the ones that we believe is suitable and appropriate for the wiki.


Of course, there is a guideline to what you are allowed to suggest.

Make sure that your suggestion is:

  • Useful
    • Is it useful to the community?
    • Is it useful to the wiki?
  • Helpful
    • Does it help with an issue?
  • Relevant
    • Is it relevant to the wiki?
  • Appropriate
    • Is it appropriate?
    • Does it offend other people?
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
    • Would it look nice?
  • Unbiased
    • Would my suggestion benefit other people and not only me?


When suggesting, please use this template and format


After that, sign off by typing in 4 tildes (~~~~).


The reason why this suggestion deserves to be implemented in the wiki is because...


Please send in your suggestions in the talk page of this page!

Altering someone else's suggestion would result in a punishment!

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