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Splicing is the act of combining two different eligible seeds in order to create the tree of another item.



  • 1 empty space above a solid block.
  • 2 different seeds.


1. Plant one seed on the empty space.

2. Plant the other seed on the planted tree.

3. The tree of another item will be created after the seeds have been spliced together. The message "<Seed #1> and <Seed #2> have been spliced to make an <Item Tree>!" will appear.

NOTE: Not every seed is splicable with another seed. Some seeds can be spliced with many other seeds, while some others cannot be spliced with another seed at all. If a player attempts to splice two seeds which cannot be spliced, the message "Hmm, it looks like <Seed #1> and <Seed #2> can't be spliced." will appear.


Tier 1-5

Main article: Guide:Splice/Recipe_T1

Tier 6-10

Main article: Guide:Splice/Recipe_T6

Tier 11-17

Main article: Guide:Splice/Recipe_T11


  • The Magic Egg is also considered as a seed.
  • Excluding few special recipes such as that of Kansas Pigtails, most clothing seeds are unable to be spliced with other seeds.