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This is a guide to performing star voyages. It is advised to have at least 10 of each tool on hand before going on a star voyage, as hard situations can occur. The Galactic Goodies is also available for purchase from the Growtopia Store for 15,000 Gems, which contains the necessary tools, along with some Star Fuel in case the player fails.

To go on a star voyage, the player must first create an Imperial Starship Blasted world, which will contain an Imperial Starship Helm - Mk.I, Imperial Starship Reactor - Mk.I, and an Imperial Starship Viewscreen - Mk.I (which can be upgraded by finding new versions during star voyages). Then, they must wrench the Imperial Starship Helm - Mk.I and click "Begin a Star Voyage."

Ship/Crew Health & Reputation

The health of the player's ship and crew is determined by how much damage is being taken while in battle. If the player's crew health gets too low, they can use a Space Meds to heal. If the ship or crew health reaches 1%, the player will fail the space voyage. The reputation of the player is determined by how many skill fails they experience and how the player handles different scenarios. Similar to ship and crew health, if the player reaches 0% reputation, the star voyage is failed. When the player fails a star voyage, they must insert 60 Star Fuel into the Starship Reactor or wait for it to recharge. Every 10 minutes, the Starship Reactor will gain 1 Star Fuel back.

Skill Fail/Star Captain Skill

Skill fails are designed to make star voyages much harder. During a star voyage, the player may fail to use a tool properly. In the event of a skill fail, the player must repeat the step until they succeed. As the player gets a higher Star Captain Skill by successfully performing star voyages, they will experience less skill fails.

Tactical Consoles

When a Tactical Console is placed in a starship, the user will experience less skill fails related to reputation. The Tactical Consoles include the Bastion Tactical Console - Mk.I, the Bastion Tactical Console - Mk.II, and the Bastion Tactical Console - Mk.III.

Science Stations

When a Science Station is placed in a starship, the user will experience less skill fails related to the ship's health. The Science Stations include the Oracle Science Station - Mk.I, the Oracle Science Station - Mk.II, and the Oracle Science Station - Mk.III

Life Support

When a Life Support is placed in a starship, the user will experience less skill fails related to the crew's health. The Science Stations include the Vitahope Life Support System - Mk.I, the Vitahope Life Support System - Mk.II, and the Vitahope Life Support System - Mk.III.


These are all the tools required to do star voyages. Not each tool is required to complete a star voyage but it is advised that players carry each tool in case they are required.

Tool Use
ItemSprites.png AI Brain Used to view the player's success rate of a specific star voyage, protect against computer attacks, and attack enemies using technology.
ItemSprites.png Cyborg Diplomat Used to talk with aliens and resolve a conflict. May not work all of the time.
ItemSprites.png Galactibolt Used to repair the player's ship when damaged.
ItemSprites.png Gigablaster Used to defend against aliens attacking the ship's crew.
ItemSprites.png Growton Torpedo Used against attacking other ships, massive beasts, and defending against attacks against the ship.
ItemSprites.png HyperShields Used to defend against aliens attacking the ship's shields and for defense when under fire by enemies.
ItemSprites.png Quadriscanner Used to scan for important information (e.g. scanning for treasure).
ItemSprites.png Space Meds Used to heal the crew when low on health.
ItemSprites.png Star Supplies Used to improve reputation and distract beasts.
ItemSprites.png Stellar Documents Used to deal with delicate diplomatic situations.
ItemSprites.png Tactical Drone Used to scan for anything around the ship, most star voyages require this to be used before anything else.
​​ItemSprites.png Teleporter Charge Used to send the crew on a journey. Required for most star voyages.


Upon completing a star voyage, the player will receive a prize. Majority of the time, the player will receive a common prize but there are some extremely rare prizes to be won. If a player receives a common prize, the player will also be rewarded with a Buckazoid which can later be traded in for items when calling the Sales-Man using a Telephone. The possible prizes in their respective sectors are:

Alpha Sector

Beta Sector

Delta Sector

Epsilon Sector

The Galactic Nexus

GROWLACTUS (one time voyage only.)

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