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HELL is a world where cursed players are transported to as punishment. HELL is otherwise known as a 'jail' to players who have disobeyed the /rules. Technically nobody has locked the world, but @Hamumu has placed a Small Lock (used to lock a Signal Jammer at the top left corner) in the world. If a player tries to place a lock, it won't let them because it is a "special world."

In HELL, cursed players are 'jailed' in the world for a certain period of time. Cursed players cannot leave the world using the Main Door, but they can use the menu to leave. However, upon entering any world, they will be taken back to HELL.

Entering a door: "The door laughs at you."

Upon doing /go: "Cursed players can't do /go. They just can't."

Trying to respawn: "I can't respawn right now!"


  • A glitch in Growtopia allowed players to escape from HELL when they were cursed. It was done by using any blast and creating a new world when they were cursed. It has since been patched.
  • Sometime around 2014, the Main Door displayed "go go go..." instead of "EXIT". This was patched. It may have been named that to tease about the cursed players who can't exit or do /go.
  • During the first few weeks of the game, @Satan was placing Death Spikes and Lava everywhere. This was probably stopped because it was so exploitative.
  • In the corner of the world, there is a Signal Jammer placed by @Hamumu, which is locked using a Small Lock.
  • A cursed player will have no face, only a nose.
  • From the 19th of July 2017, non-cursed players can no longer go to HELL. Instead of coming to HELL, they will spawn in DISNEYLAND. There is a glitch where if the player was cursed and they close the game without exiting the world and when the curse wears off, they will enter HELL.
  • If a player uses /warp command to warp to any world, they will instantly respawn.