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October 27th: Halloween Week! Put on a costume and go trick or treating with friends, or tempt fate by visiting GROWGANOTH.

Halloween's the best holiday, so we've gone all-out with over 30 spooky new items!

- @Seth and @Hamumu

During Halloween Week 2016, a few things were changed. Soul Orb was no longer made by sacrificing a Heartbow and Otherworldly Bait was nerfed due to it being overpowered. A new Daily Challenge was introduced called the Growganoth's Game.

Items Recipe
ItemSprites.png Rickety Wallpaper Sacrificing anything with rarity 20 or more.
ItemSprites.png Rickety Window Sacrifice anything with rarity 30 or more
ItemSprites.png Rickety Door Sacrifice anything with rarity 40 or more.
ItemSprites.png Hellgate Sacrifice anything with rarity 40 or more.
ItemSprites.png Jack o' Lantern Mask Sacrifice anything with rarity 73 or more.
ItemSprites.png Buzzsaw Sacrifice anything with rarity 80 or more.
ItemSprites.png Haunted Darkness Sacrifice a Dark Cave Background.
ItemSprites.png Haunted Window Sacrifice a Dark Cave Background.
ItemSprites.png Minor Otherworldly Bait Sacrifice a Wiggly Worm, a Shiny Flashy Thing or a Salmon Egg
ItemSprites.png Lesser Otherworldly Bait Sacrifice a Fishing Fly or a Shrimp Lure.
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Spooky Sacrifice any Sheet Music except Sheet Music: Blank.
ItemSprites.png Devil Tail Sacrifice a Dragon Tail.
ItemSprites.png Heatbow Sacrifice a Heartbow.
ItemSprites.png Apocalypse Steed Sacrifice a Growley Motorcycle
ItemSprites.png Death's Scythe Sacrifice a Heavenly Scythe.
ItemSprites.png Haunted Door Sacrifice a Password Door.
ItemSprites.png Demonic Skull Sacrifice a Cow Skull or a Crystal Skull.
ItemSprites.png Riding Raven For sale in the store for 150,000 gems during Halloween Week.
ItemSprites.png Malevolent Hair Sacrifice a Spiky Anime Hair.
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Waistcoat Sacrifice a Steampunk Waistcoat.
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Leggings Sacrifice a Steampunk Leggings.
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Trenchcoat Sacrifice a Steampunk Trenchcoat
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Skirt Sacrifice a Steampunk Skirt.
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Corset Sacrifice a Steampunk Corset.
ItemSprites.png Doompunk Top Hat Sacrifice a Steampunk Top Hat.
ItemSprites.png Steel Spike A common reward for successfully completing Surgery.
ItemSprites.png Tempered Steel Spike Combust a Steel Spike in a Highly Combustible Box.
ItemSprites.png Death Metal Block Forging 100 Demonic Skull.
ItemSprites.png Spiked Collar Forging 100 Steel Spikes.
ItemSprites.png Logarithmic Wheel Made by combining 1 Spiked Collar, 1 Grip Tape and 10 Wood Block in any Chemical Combiner.
ItemSprites.png Demon Chariot Made by combining 2 Skeletal Horsie, 2 Logarithmic Wheel and 1 Death Metal Block in any Chemical Combiner.
ItemSprites.png Eye Of Growganoth Reward for placing in the top 3 in the Growganoth's Game Daily Challenge.
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