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Purchase the Harvest Pack for 20,000 ItemSprites.png in the Growtopia Store.
"Celebrate the harvest with a new Harvest Moon Blast to create a world with a unique harvest moon sky, filled with random trees that are fully grown and ready to harvest! You also get a Balance Mooncake and all of the rest of the Mooncakes and a bonus Moon Mask. (Available during Harvest Festival only.)"

The Harvest Pack is an annual event pack that was introduced on 18 September 2013 along with the Harvest Festival.

The pack contains the following items:


  • In 2013, the price of the pack was set at 10,000 Gems. Additionally, 3 Hand Scythes came with the pack. On Harvest Festival 2014 however, the price was increased to 20,000 Gems and the 3 Hand Scythes were replaced with a Balance Mooncake.


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