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===<nowiki/>===[[Category:Non-solid tiles]]
|name=Hospital Bed
|ingredient1=Screen Door
|growTime=8h 32m 1s
===In game description:===
''"Lay in this bed and one of our doctors will see to you as soon as possible. (Don't worry about you may live)"''
Rarity: 31
To grow, plant a Hospital Bed Seed. (Or splice a [[Bed]] Seed with a [[Screen Door]] Seed)
This item can be placed in two directions, depending on your facing.
[[File:HospitalBed.png|thumb|left|Hospital Bed]]
===Surgical Kit===
This item can also be obtained by purchasing the [[Surgical Kit]] for 8,000 Gems.
===Additional Info===
This item functions just like a normal [[Bed]], but any person standing or sleeping on it can have another Growtopian [[Performing Surgery|Perform Surgery]] on them by using the [[Wrench]] tool on that user.
[[Category:Non-solid tiles]]

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