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January 1st: Winterfest Ends + IOTM!

- Hello Growtopians,

- Pack up the wrapping paper and brew a celebratory mug of cocoa because Winterfest has come to an end! You all did an amazing job with an amazingly grumpy Growch, and we couldn't be happier. Well done, everyone!

- And now, gliding silently through the skies on carbon fiber blades, the new Item of the Month, the Hovernator Drone, has arrived! Packed with dangerous GrowTech attack systems and an advanced logic engine, it's sure to kick the New Year off with a blast!

- Also, with a new year comes new surprises! We've made a fun update to the IOTM system: Starting with the Hovernator Drone, some IOTMs will be available in random colors!

- FREEBIE ALERT! Tapjoy 2X: Get DOUBLE payouts with TapJoy for 48 hours. Don't miss out on scoring tons of gems!

- We all look forward to a fantastic New Year with everyone!

-The Growtopia Team

The Hovernator Drone update was introduced on 1 January 2019.

New Items

New items introduced include:

Item Recipe
ItemSprites.png Hovernator Drone - Black

ItemSprites.png Hovernator Drone - Golden

ItemSprites.png Hovernator Drone - Red

ItemSprites.png Hovernator Drone - White

Chance to be obtained from purchasing a Hovernator Drone from the Store for 200,000 gems.
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