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32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Hula Bobblehead

Feel the island rhythms.
This item can be placed in two directions, depending on the direction you're facing.
This item never drops any seeds.
This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench.
Type32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Toggleable Animated Block - Foreground
Chi32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Water
Texture Type32?fill=cb-20190918130753 Single
Collision Type32?fill=cb-20210825035341 No Collision
Hardness32?fill=cb-20211201110151 10 Hits
32?fill=cb-20211201110151 8 Hits
Restores after 5s of inactivity.
Seed Color16?fill=cb-20211201110210
Grow Time32?fill=cb-20211201110211 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems Drop32?fill=cb-20211201110151 N/A
Paint Preview
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Red
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Yellow
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Green
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Aqua
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Blue
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Purple
32?fill=cb-2021120111015132?fill=cb-20211201110151 Charcoal
32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Summer Surprise
32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Super Summer Surprise
Chance to be dropped from breaking a 32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Summer Surprise or 32?fill=cb-20211201110151 Super Summer Surprise.
May yield 1 item each time.

The Hula Bobblehead is an unsplicable non-solid toggleable animated foreground block which was added as part of SummerFest 2013


The Hula Bobblehead's music.

Being a toggleable animated foreground block, a Hula Bobblehead can be toggled on or off via punching. When toggled on, a Hula Bobblehead will change its appearance, showing the bobblehead doing a dance, and play a piece of music.


  • In the game files, the Hula Bobblehead's music is named hula.