Items that does not do anything by themselves.

#: 80's Tape Deck

A: AI BrainAncient BracketAncient HingeAncient LensAncient PinAncient Plant SeedAxe Fragment

B: BaconBaking ChocolateBeefBlade FragmentBland MushBoss GooBridle DesignBuckazoidBuckle DesignBurnt Leather

C: CaduceusCelestial BladeChemical BChemical GChemical PChemical RChemical YChicken MeatCobra StatuetteCorn MealCosmic BridleCRISPR TechnologyCryptic ScrollCrystal Smithing ToolsCyborg Diplomat

D: D BatteryDaryDeep Iron OreDino DNA Strand A-273Dino DNA Strand C-904Dino DNA Strand G-137Dino DNA Strand T-658DoodadDoohickeyDoughDumb BuilderDumb CheckmarkDumb CookDumb FarmerDumb FisherDumb FriendDumb LeaderDumb Question 1Dumb Question 2Dumb Question 3Dumb Star CaptainDumb Surgeon

E: Earth EssenceElement - EarthElement - FireElement - WaterElement - WindEmpty Surgery TrayEnchanted Wolf TicketExceedingly Cryptic ScrollExtractium Ore

F: Fire EssenceFish ChunkFish FlakesFish MedicineFish ReviverFlaming FeathersFlaming Horse ChunkFlour

G: GalactiboltGenetic ResequencerGift of the UnicornGigablasterGingerbread DoughGolden CaduceusGolden Heart CrystalGolden TicketGrip TapeGround BeefGrowtokenGrowton TorpedoGuild Key

H: Haunted ChemicalHyperShields

I: Icy Axe BladeIcy Heart Of WinterIron Buckle

K: Kerjigger

L: LegenLegendary OrbLettuceLimb Connector

M: Mac n' Cheese StarMega BuckazoidMega GrowtokenMutated Seed CoreMysterious ChemicalMagic Ore

N: Needlessly Cryptic Scroll

P: PepperPile of Zombie BrainsPineapple Engine PartPineapple PlatingPineapple WheelPlant DNA Strand X-277Plant DNA Strand Y-985Plethora Of Mac n' Cheese Stars

Q: Quadriscanner

R: Radioactive ChemicalRaptor DNA Strand AlphaRaptor DNA Strand OmegaReally Cryptic Scroll

S: SalsaSaltShifting ScrollSoul StoneSpace MedsSpare BodyStar IronStar SuppliesStar Tool BackgroundSteampunk GearboxSteel Axe HandleSteel SpikeStellar DocumentsSugarSummer TokenSurgical AnestheticSurgical AntibioticsSurgical AntisepticSurgical ClampSurgical DefibrillatorSurgical GlovesSurgical Lab KitSurgical PinsSurgical ScalpelSurgical SplintSurgical SpongeSurgical StitchesSurgical TransfusionSurgical UltrasoundSword BladeSword PommelSynthetic ChemicalSurgical Love Mallet

T: Tactical DroneTeleporter ChargeThingamabobThingamajigTourney TokenTransmog Crystal

U: UbisoftUnearthly Chemical

W: Warrior's ShieldWater EssenceWhatchamacallitWind EssenceWolf TicketWorld Key

Z: Zombie Brain

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