ItemSprites.png Growtopia Gazette

August 22nd: Growtopia is Legendary! There are quite a few new items in this update, but you will only find a few now...

Because we've added Legendary Quests to get the rest! You'll have to figure out how to start a quest, and once you do, you still have an epic journey ahead.

-@Seth and Hamumu

A Legendary Quest is a quest which players can embark on to receive a legendary, untradaeable item. To start a quest, players must be at least Level 40.

Legendary Wizard

The ItemSprites.png Legendary Wizard is an NPC who players can to talk about their quest and deliver items. It can be made by splicing the Legen seed and the Dary seed together. The tree then takes 13 weeks, 1 day, 15 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds to fully grow. Upon harvesting the tree, the Legendary Wizard will automatically spawn on the same tile that the tree occupied.

Seed Recipe
SeedSprites.png Legen Combine 1 Doodad, 1 Whatchamacallit and 1 Doohickey in a Chemical Combiner.
SeedSprites.png Dary Combine 1 Thingamabob, 1 Thingamajig and 1 Kerjigger in a Chemical Combiner.

Legendary Items

Quest For Honor

The ItemSprites.png Legendary Title which gives the player a new name, appending of Legend to the end of the player's name and adding a special flag icon. The name fades to different colors. The name can be removed anytime for 24 hours by consuming an Apple.


Quest For Fire

The ItemSprites.png Dragon of Legend, a behemoth purple dragon that breathes an unrivaled hell fire down upon the lands. Attached to a gold and purple sword.


Quest Of Steel

The ItemSprites.png Legendbot-009, a giant piece of mech armor that grants double jump abilities, and fires duel rockets rather than punching.


Quest Of The Heavens

The ItemSprites.png Legendary Wings, a pair of huge angelic wings that grants the double jump ability and the Parasol effect.


Quest For The Blade

The ItemSprites.png Legendary Katana, a large katana which has slashing effects.


Quest For Candour

The ItemSprites.png Whip of Truth, a large whip that gives Secret Of Growtopia info when punching.


Quest Of The Sky

The ItemSprites.png Legendary Dragon Knight's Wings, a pair of huge dragon wings that grants the double jump and Parasol effect.



Item Recipe
ItemSprites.png Great Legendary Orb Used in LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN which gives the player the Legendary Orb when they walk past it.
ItemSprites.png Legendary Orb Complete the parkour in LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN.


Each Legendary Quest requires a total of twenty quests which all must be completed before the final Legendary Item is rewarded. The quests are:

Step Quest For Honor Quest For Fire Quest Of Steel Quest Of The Heavens Quest For The Blade Quest For Candour Quest For The Sky
1 Deliver 2,000 Sand. Deliver 2,000 Lava. Deliver 2,000 Chemical Gs. Deliver 1,000 Clouds. Deliver 1,000 Iron Bars. Deliver 2,000 Secret Of Growtopia. Deliver 2,000 Obsidians.
2 Kill 100 players in Games or Deathmatch events.
3 Destroy 5,000 blocks. Destroy 10,000 blocks.
4 Deliver 600 Display Boxes. Deliver 600 Dragon Gates. Deliver 600 Robot Wants Dubsteps. Deliver 600 Fairy Wings. Deliver 600 Golden Swords. Deliver 1,000 Mind-Ghost-In-A-Jars. Deliver 1,000 Knight Helmets.
5 Plant 50,000 rarity worth of trees. Plant 100,000 rarity worth of trees.
6 Earn 50 Growtokens.
7 Deliver 3 Golden Diapers. Deliver 10 Dragon Hands. Deliver 3 Edison Zoomsters. Deliver 3 Bubble Wings. Deliver 3 Heavenly Scythes. Deliver 10 Super Squirt Gun Jetpacks. Deliver 10 Blanket Capes.
8 Earn 10,000 XP. Earn 20,000 XP.
9 Deliver 1,000 Tombstones. Deliver 1,000 Dragon Tails. Deliver 1,000 High Tech Blocks. Deliver 800 Crimson Eagle Wings. Deliver 800 Headsman's Axes. Deliver 5 Soul Stones. Deliver 800 Blazing Electro Wings.
10 Deliver 100,000 Gems. Deliver 140,000 Gems.
11 Destroy 100,000 rarity worth of blocks. Destroy 200,000 rarity worth of blocks.
12 Perform 100 successful surgeries. Defeat 100 Villains. Perform 100 successful surgeries.
13 Collect 1,000 items from providers. Find 100 Radioactive Chemicals or Crystals via Geiger Counter. Train 20 fish. Train 10 fish.
14 Deliver 3 Golden Heart Crystals. Deliver 3 Fiesta Dragons. Deliver 3 Bride Of Reanimator Remotes. Deliver 20 Rainbow Wings. Deliver 20 Flame Sabers. Deliver 3 Celestial Lance. Deliver 10 Autumn Wings.
15 Harvest 100,000 rarity worth of fruit from trees. Harvest 200,000 rarity of fruits from trees.
16 Deliver a Growie Award. Deliver a WOTD Trophy. Deliver a Mint Julep. Deliver 3 Golden Angel Wings. Deliver a Golden Apple. Deliver 5 Ring Of Shrinking. Deliver 1 Golden Dragon Statue.
17 Deliver 3 Super Fireworks. Deliver 3 Ice Dragon Hands. Deliver 5 Kerjiggers. Deliver 100 Ripper Wings. Deliver 10 Much-Too-Small Yellow Shirts. Deliver 3 Golden Talarias. Deliver 5 Chaos Dragons.
18 Deliver 10 pairs of Rainbow Wings. Deliver 1,000 Rocket Thrusters. Deliver 5 Doohickeys. Deliver 1 Phoenix Wings or Neptune's Trident. Deliver 20 Flame Scythes. Deliver 5 Ancestral Totem of Wisdom. Deliver 1 Draconic Wings.
19 Deliver 3 Birth Certificates. Deliver 3 Devil Wings. Deliver 2 Thingamabobs. Deliver 50 Parrot Wings. Deliver 20 Crystal Glaives. Deliver 1 Summer Event Player Medal: Gold. Deliver 10 Dragon Knight's Chestplate.
20 Deliver the Legendary Orb.


When a player completes a Legendary Quest for the first time, they would've earned three achievements throughout the process.

Achievement Description
AchievementSprites.png Legen... Earned for completing one step of a Legendary Quest.
AchievementSprites.png Wait For It... Earned for completing 10 steps of a Legendary Quest.
AchievementSprites.png DARY! Earned for completing a Legendary Quest.

Youtube Guide


  • If a player holds three different Legendary Items in their inventory, it finishes an Epic Quest.
  • The three achievements: Legen...Wait For It... and DARY! are all references to Barney Stinson's catchphrase from the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. The name of the player in the official YouTube guide is Barney, which also references Barney Stinson.
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