Levels are a feature in the game. The player's level represent their experience in the game. They distinguish players who are experienced and players who are unfamiliar to the game, though this may be false to some.

Earning XP

Activities such as breaking blocks, harvesting trees and earning Achievements can increase your level in the game. A player's level can be increased by earning XP, or experience points. One can gain XP from various activities.

Activity XP Gained
Feeding/Watering a Silkworm 10
Consuming a Experience Potion 10,000
Farming (Harvesting a Tree and Breaking a Block) Dependant on the rarity. (Every +5 rarity, the XP will raise by 2 when a player farms a 5+ rarity block)
Performing a Successful Surgery 50
Fishing 1 XP per 10lbs of fish caught.
Completing a Wolfworld 50
Shattering a Harmonic Crystal 20
Putting Out a Fire 1
Finding a Geiger Item 10
Compacting a Clothing 1
Winning a Carnival Game 5
Completing a Ringmaster Quest Step 100
Forging an Item 100
Sewing an Item 20
Using a consumable. 1

The Big XP Patch

On March 1, 2016, there was a huge XP Patch. The XP gain was completely overhauled. The patch made certain activities give XP to the player, and levelling up much faster and easier.

Collecting gems does not give XP anymore. On the other hand, breaking blocks gives up to 20x more XP, depending of the rarity. The XP earned per block is calculated by finding rarity/5 and rounding it up. For example, a Crystal Block would give 20 XP when destroyed.

Trees and Blocks

The experience that a player could get from harvesting trees was doubled, and breaking blocks now give more experience, instead of just 1 XP for any type of block.


The formula, as of March 1, 2016's XP patch, is calculated as follows:

E = ⌈T ÷ 5⌉

with the final value rounded up to the nearest integer, where

  • E is the amount of experience earned from breaking or harvesting the block or tree respectively,
  • T is the rarity of the block or tree.


Reaching Level 50 will give you a Mini Growtopian. If you have played for two years (730 days) and have reached Level 50, a untradable Mini-You will be rewarded. If you have played for three years (1095 days), reached Level 50 and showed up to the Anniversary Week, a Party Fowl will be rewarded.

As of the System Update, reaching Level 100 completes an Epic Quest, which completing all quest can get you your own designed item

As of Player Appreciation Week 2018, reaching Level 125 causes the player's name to become blue.

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