A Lock is an item that is able to control a defined area. The World Lock is also the main currency for Growtopia. Each lock, when placed, allows the owner to give access to other players and allows only those with access to modify the controlled area.

Options available to those who own or have access to a lock include:

  • Placing any type of block with the exception of other Locks (except the owner who can place Locks anywhere).
  • Modify wrenchable items which are placed.
  • Kick or pull players who are standing inside the area that the lock occupies.
  • Grant access to other players (owner only).
  • Breaking the lock (owner only).
  • Change options to allow any player to build or break in the area that the lock occupies (owner only).

Options available to those who own or have access to a lock that occupies the entire world include:

  • Ban players from the world.
  • Place World-Lock items only such as Vending Machines or Music.
  • Edit settings of music such as disabling custom music blocks or making them invisible (owner only).
  • Edit world settings such as world timer (length of time a player may stay who doesn't have access), world category or minimum level for entry (owner only).
  • Obtain the World Key and trade the ownership of the world to another player (owner only).

Lock Decay

If a lock that does not occupy the entire world (i.e. Small Lock, Big Lock and Huge Lock) and the owner, as well as all players who have access to the lock have not logged on for 180 consecutive days, any player will be able to punch the lock to destroy it. Decayed locks do not go to a player's inventory.

Any lock that occupies an entire world will not decay, but the world will be reset, if the owner and all players with access have been offline for 365 consecutive days.

Decay locklol

Message that appears when a decayed lock is punched lock

Types of Locks

Locks that occupy an area

Tile Locks Info Special Effect
ItemSprites.png Small Lock Locks up to 10 spaces. 50 Gems from the Growtopia Store. -
ItemSprites.png Big Lock Locks up to 48 spaces. 200 Gems from the Growtopia Store. -
ItemSprites.png Huge Lock Locks up to 200 spaces. 500 Gems from the Growtopia Store. -
ItemSprites.png Builder's Lock Locks up to 200 spaces. 50,000 Gems from the Gem Store. Allow only punching or only building access to players.

Locks that occupy a world

World Locks Info Special Effect
ItemSprites.png World Lock 2,000 Gems from the Growtopia Store. Main currency used in trading. -
ItemSprites.png Diamond Lock Used as 100 World Locks in trading. Can be created by double-tapping 100 World Locks in the player's inventory. -
ItemSprites.png Blue Gem Lock Used as 100 Diamond Locks in trading. Can be purchased from Sales-Man for 100 Diamond Locks. Double-tapping it in a player's inventory will convert it back to 100 Diamond Locks. -
ItemSprites.png Emerald Lock Can be made by consuming 200 Emerald Shards. Gives a 10% chance for an extra gem to drop when smashing blocks in the world.
ItemSprites.png Robotic Lock Can be made by combining a Diamond Lock, 20 Robot Wants Dubstep and a Transmog Crystal in any Chemical Combiner. -
ItemSprites.png Ruby Lock Can be made by consuming 200 Ruby Shards in your inventory. Gives a 1% chance each day for a rock in the world to transform into a Heartstone.
ItemSprites.png Royal Lock Purchasable from the Growtopia Store for 200,000 Gems during July 2017 as the Item Of The Month. Allows the owner to prevent other players from talking in the world, gives them an option to produce a rainbow trail when walking around in their own world and produces arrows to the location of other players in the world.
ItemSprites.png Guild Lock Produced when a Guild is formed in the owner's world. Gives the player ownership of the Guild and can be transferred with a Guild Key. Allows the player to also edit Guild settings in the world.
ItemSprites.png Harmonic Lock Can be purchased from Locke or the Lock-Bot for 10 Diamond Locks. Reduces the amount of chi required to harmonize crystals in the world.
ItemSprites.png Bunny Lock Possible reward from the Egg Rescue Game at EGGRESCUE. -
ItemSprites.png Ecto-Lock Can be obtained from successfully curing someone with an Ecto-Bones malady. Ghosts can automatically spawn in the world at a faster rate.


  • Locks have orange borders to differentiate them from other items.
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