I have no idea what this thing does.It's something electronic? Maybe?

Machine parts are used to create the Legen and Dary seeds to make the Legendary Wizard.


  1. Whatchamacallit (Obtained by splicing a Compu Panel seed and a Laboratory seed)
  2. Thingamajig (Obtained by mixing 4 Chemical Y, 3 Chemical P and 1 Mysterious Chemical in any Chemical Combiner)
  3. Doohickey (Obtained from a Special Event in which a Doohickey spawns, it is only available for 10 seconds before it vanishes)
  4. Kerjigger (Obtained by breaking Military Radios)
  5. Thingamabob (Obtained rarely from successful Surgery)
  6. Doodad (Obtained from the Growtoken Store for 75 Growtokens)

Legen seed is made by mixing 1 Doohickey, 1 Whatchamacallit and 1 Doodad in any Chemical Combiner.

Dary seed is made by mixing 1 kerjigger, 1 Thingamajig and 1 Thingamabob in any Chemical Combiner.

(Note: If you break the Legen seed or Dary seed you get the seed back.)
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